2-Way Dash Cam Offers Uber Drivers Additional Protection


Cabin and road footage is recorded simultaneously

We have recently seen an increase in the amount of Uber and public transport vehicle drivers purchasing our 2-way Dash Cams.

Our Vacron 2-way Dash Cams film both the road and the drivers cabin simultaneously. We originally imported these dash cams for driver training programs but these dash cams have also proven popular for public transport drivers.

The advantages of filming the cabin and the road are fairly obvious. For Uber drivers, there is a benefit in recording the appearance of passengers and act as a discouragement for unruly behaviour. All kinds of things can occur, especially late at night when passengers are more likely to be intoxicated and in these instances the passengers memory may prove to be a little hazy so the dash cam can accurately document any incidents.

Uber App automatically deducts customers fare cost.

Uber App automatically deducts customers fare cost.

Uber drivers already have a layer of protection in the fact that the person booking the service must have the App, which not only records their personal details but also requires payment automatically. So Uber drivers don’t have to worry about the risk of someone “doing a runner” on them, however there is no real downside in recording video footage just in case. There are also instances where a driver may be falsely accused of inappropriate behaviour toward a passenger and footage can also prove as a protective measure in these instances.

The forward facing camera records everything that happens on the road. Again, in the case of Uber or other public transport services if a traffic incident occurs then there are a whole bunch of legal ramifications that can result. Dash cams are always recording, so if something does happen then it is easier for the driver to prove they were not at fault in the case of a dispute.

vacron-CDR-E07The Vacron also has GPS mapping which records both your speed and your route. This can be advantageous for businesses that hire drivers to drive their vehicles. The owner can keep an eye on driver behaviour and ensure that their vehicles or time are not being abused.

It is difficult to find information on the legalities of filming passengers, but it appears the industry standard is to have a notice mounted within the vehicle to inform drivers that they are being filmed for security purposes.

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