A Current Affair’s Dash Cam Fanatics Story

A Current Affair ran a great story on Wednesday 7 Jan 2015 on the growing number of dash cam fanatics in Australia.

This was one of the best dash cam stories we’ve seen because during the story they had an expert test a range of cameras to compare performance. Dash cams are beginning to serve as a virtual police force of sorts, allowing law abiding citizens to catch reckless idiots and report them to the authorities.

If you are involved in an accident in Qld you are allowed to self assess the damage if the cost is below $2500….in other words you don’t have to call the Police. How exactly does an ordinary citizen determine whether the cost is below $2500? Who knows! If the costs escalate and there is a question of fault your dash cam footage can prove very beneficial to protect yourself in the event that the other driver changes their story, or where there is a lack of witnesses.

The 3 cameras tested were an ebay cheapy, a high quality front only dash cam and a high quality front and rear dash cam. They quickly discarded the cheap camera as it was obvious the picture quality and lens width was very poor. They ran a great comparison showing how much extra vision the wider angle lens captures.


The front only dash cam is similar to most of the models we stock in our online store at cardashcameras. This cam was reviewed favourably. They also favourably reviewed the front and rear cam too.

We mainly stock and sell front only dash cams. There are a few reasons for this:

2 Channel Quality – We have tested many 2 channel cameras but the quality is not there. The average 2 channel cameras with Rear facing are generally a maximum of 720p front and only 480p  rear which gives you no hope of number plate recognition.

Affordability – A good quality front and rear dash camera is expensive and most then need to be hard wired in by an auto electrician. The buyer is looking at around $200 in extra costs in addition to the already higher price tag of around $500.

For our customers who want a front and rear cam, we suggest buying 2 of our full HD 1080p dash cams and simply mounting one at the front and one at the back.

The best value option is our special “Couples Packs” that offer 2 dash cams for a substantially reduced price which includes two memory cards and 2 triple adaptors https://cardashcameras.com.au/shop/car-dashboard-cameras/c1h-couples-pack/. This way there is no need to spend the extra $200 on an auto electrician and $500 on a similar quality 2 channel camera. Total cost can be as low as $310 (subject to change) and you will have Full Hi Definition both ends of your vehicle.

Capturing at fault drivers – One of the main purposes of a dash cam is to protect yourself in the event of an incident when another driver is at fault. A rear camera is going to catch what goes on behind you. If someone runs into the back of your car then the law clearly states that they are at fault. Conversely, a front camera will catch someone who may have faulty tail lights or does something outside of the law to cause your vehicle to make contact with them. Also, a head on style incident caught on dashcam can show who veered onto the wrong side of the road and so on.

Whilst a front and rear dash cam does provide added vision, we find that a front only dash cam suits most people’s needs.

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