If You Witness a Road Rage Incident

In the event you witness a road rage incident the safest option is not to get involved but human nature may override the safe choice. The decision is yours and I guess it would be made depending on the gravity of the situation you are witnessing.

You may be inclined to offer help but this could also put you in danger and escalate the situation, only you can make that decision.

  • My suggestion would be to STAY in your vehicle.
  • You could try to distract the Road Rager.
  • Distraction could be blowing your horn or perhaps yell out that the Police have been called and are on the way.
  • If the incident is prolonged or looks like getting worse call 000 and ask for the Police.
  • If you have recorded the incident on your Car Dashboard Camera, also call the Police and let them know, they will no doubt want to see the video and possibly use it as evidence.

If you haven’t already done so, now is as good a time as ever to buy your own Car Dash Camera. Video recordings of these type of incidents are unambiguous and can dramatically simplify any legal or insurance issues in the aftermath.