Information About Car Dash Cameras

Car dash cameras are relatively new in Australia and are installed in your motor vehicle to record continuous Audio and Video of your travels, they are also known as car DVR’s or Dash Cams, they film as you drive. Dash Cams can record constantly or can record when the Motion Sensor detects movement, this can give you peace of mind when your car is parked and unattended.

DVR’s or dash cameras provide indisputable evidence if you are involved in an accident, insurance claims take less time and it makes drivers who have a camera in their car more aware of how they drive.

Film As You Drive

Film As You Drive

They are easy to install and depending on the mounting bracket supplied, it is just a matter of deciding where on the windscreen that you want to position the camera. Choose a spot that will not impede your view and then simply stick it on with either the suction cup provided or the 3M tape bracket. You can then hide the cable under the windscreen seal all the way down to the dash for a neat and tidy finish.

If the dash cam comes with a GPS module it will record the speed and route you have taken and display it on a Google map while you watch the video. This can be particularly helpful when you have a fleet of vehicles and you have no way of keeping an eye on the behaviour of your drivers. It is a cost effective way of keeping them honest.



A Dash cameras give you the means to defend yourself and positively prove your case in the event of an accident. It is a deterrent in a  road rage incident and provides evidence if someone is caught stealing, driving dangerously or recklessly, it also gives you peace of mind if you are away from your vehicle.

Car dash cameras have many features depending on the quality and price of the unit.  If an event occurs such as sudden braking, an accident or roll-over, the G Sensor’s function is to automatically save and protect the current video along with the previous and the next one so that they are read-only files and cannot be lost. This prevents these important files being copied over by Loop Recording which automatically records over the earliest video once the storage SD card is full. We recommend that you set the recording loop to 5 minutes as it is quicker to look through a short video to find an incident, each 5 minute video has the date  and time which makes it easy to go back and identify the event.

The Dash Cam records sound so if you want a private conversation, simply mute the camera and it will still record. The camera is not only a Digital Video Recorder, it also takes still photos.

Most of our cameras also have Motion Detection so that it will start recording automatically if there is any motion in lens.

Car Dash Cameras are an inexpensive and stylish addition to which vehicle that offers a level of protection and reassurance if the worst happens and you have a road incident or an accident.