My Own Road Rage Experience

As a result of a road rage incident I was involved in, I was inspired to research, import and sell High Quality Car Dash Cameras to help others to be able to prove their case when someone goes berserk on our roads as they invariably will.

It was a good thing I did because unfortunately “my predator” had a second go two months later but this time I was “armed” with a high quality car dash camera which captured his second effort in its entirety. Read on if you would like to know how it feels to be on the receiving end of road rage.

Road Rage #1

I was on my way to work early one morning, I was thinking about the day ahead and had no idea that I would soon be defending myself against a crazed driver.

Road Rage Anger

Road Rage Anger

It happened on the M1. I following a vehicle that was dawdling along in the right hand lane for about 10 kilometres, that’s breaking the law for a start. It would appear he has never heard of “keep left unless overtaking”! Finally there was a break in the traffic and I had an opportunity to pass him in the 3rd lane.  He obviously resented being overtaken as he put on speed to keep me out. As I increased my speed to pass, he increased his speed to keep me out until we were both doing well over the limit of 110 kph. 90 kph was enough for him before but now he had grown horns and carried a trident.

Eventually I got around him, he then aggressively tail-gated me for 5 kilometres, then suddenly he shot across 4 lanes of traffic and took my exit, my thoughts were “good riddance you lunatic” but wait, there’s more to come!

When I exited the highway his vehicle was stopped in the middle of the single lane off ramp and unfortunately mine was the next car along. He jumped out of his car and came running back to mine with both fists cocked and ready for action. He screamed abuse and demanded I get out of the car and fight him. I told him to get back in his car and move, by now the traffic was banked back up and onto the M1. Other than the physical danger directed at me, he was putting everyone in danger and couldn’t have cared less because he had completely “lost” it. If I hadn’t had the broken steel steering arm out of my son’s boat “cocked” in my left hand he would have been punching me through the drivers side window.

He screamed (expletives deleted), “I SEE YOU EVERY DAY, I KNOW WHERE YOU WORK AND I WILL GET YOU”! It was only then that he noticed the traffic banked up behind me, finally, after charging at my car one last time he got back into his vehicle and tore off at speed, he was a very angry man indeed.

I was incensed at his attitude, stupidity and the danger he posed to me and the other drivers, particularly the ones banked up and onto the Motorway so I decided to do something about it. For the first time I set about buying a Car Dash Camera.

Buying a Car Camera Online

When I tried to buy an on-line dash camera I had problems, the day after I ordered a camera they emailed me that they were out of stock and wouldn’t have any for 2 weeks even though they accepted my order and payment for express delivery. Lesson # 1 when buying online, check that there is a contact number. There was no phone number on their website, they did not answer my reply to their email, it took days to track down a number and more days to get a refund. I also had problems contacting the second camera company but eventually I received my camera. I have been in the service industry for 27 years and found the complete lack of service from the on-line camera companies I dealt with frustrating.

I wasn’t going to someone’s whipping boy again so I decided to research dash cam suppliers and after testing over 30 different brands of Car DVR’s and In Car Cameras, I narrowed it down to 3 suppliers.  After visiting their factories overseas I settled on two suppliers of high quality Hi Definition and Full HD dashboard cameras and it was lucky I did because “round 2” was just a few short weeks away.

Road Rage #2

Two months after the first incident I was driving down the hill from my factory and did not notice the big 4WD coming towards me until at the last minute he veered his vehicle at mine. The “terminator” was back!

When he steered towards me he “missed” so I turned my car around and went looking for him but he had momentarily disappeared. I went past a side street then after turning around again, I looked in my rear view mirror and there was his 4WD looming large. I pulled over to the side of the road, this time I had a Full HD GPS dash camera in the car. I quickly detached it from the windscreen and held it out the drivers window pointing back to his car. I believe that action is the only thing that stopped him from charging at my car like he did in the first incident. He stayed in his car and waved at the camera while looking completely asinine. It was really all he could do with my dash camera rolling.

I now had the evidence that I lacked the first time so I decided to take it to the Police. They agreed that he was aggressive and could clearly see his intimidatory actions so they traced the registered owner of the vehicle who gave them the regular drivers number. They had a talk to him and told him that there was now a Police complaint and that it must stop.

The Police Officer who handled it did a great job and said he was impressed with the quality of the video evidence I gave him and said that “we should sell the cameras to the Police”.

I am no expert on Road Rage and hope that I never encounter it again as it is a frightening experience. My only regret is that I didn’t have a dashboard camera in my car to capture the first act of aggression and stupidity as it would have put it to rest back then.