What to Do If You Become A Road Rage Victim

I am not an expert on Road Rage but then again, other than the Police, who is? I base the following information on personal experience with two road rage incidents involving the same person, I also draw on 45 years of driving experience.

Dont be a Road Rage victimIf you get caught up in a Road Rage incident there are some simple rules to follow but keep in mind that having a Car Dash Camera gives you more options and a level of protection in that it can deter someone who has not mentally lost the plot completely. The main benefit of having a dash cam is that it will provide video evidence for the Police after the event but it may also deter some people if they know their actions are being recorded.

How would/should you react ?

It is IMPORTANT that you think right now about how you would and should act if confronted by a Road Rager.  In the heat of the moment it can be difficult not to get caught up in the emotion of the situation, and following your “instincts” may make the situation worse.  Here are some suggestions on things that you should (and shouldn’t) do :

  • Unless there is absolutely no alternative, do not get out of your car – This is the number one rule because if you do get out it will almost always escalate the problem. It can put you in harms way and if you retaliate and actually injure the antagonist you may end up in trouble yourself. Getting out of the car may also leave your passengers or kids vulnerable to attack.
  • Phone 000 and ask for the Police or better still, ask a passenger to make the call  – The fact that you are on the phone calling for assistance may be enough for the aggressor to stop and leave.
  • Don’t initiate a car chase – If possible find a public place where there are a lot of people around and drive towards it. Once someone is already infuriated, it is hard to make them see reason and it is even worse when they are in charge of a motor vehicle.
  • Do you show them you have a dash camera? – Personally I would and I did. I believe from my experience with the second incident (same person) that showing him the dash camera stopped him from getting out of his vehicle like he did the first time he attacked me. Unless they are beyond control, showing them that their actions are being recorded can be a very effective deterrent.
  • After the event contact the Police (if you haven’t already) and if there was any damage, contact your Insurance company. They may want a statement and if you have a camera, they will want the video footage.

We are happy to add to the list of suggestions so if anyone out there has something positive to offer or personal experience, please email us at [email protected]