Why Use a Dash Cam

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are the next big thing in Australian motoring, they are widely used in Europe, the US and in particular Russia but are still relatively new to Australian motorists. They are gaining popularity for their use in combating road rage and being able to irrefutably prove to your insurance company who was at fault in the event of an accident. In this regard they can save you big money as the camera does not lie. Dash Cams have all the features of a good quality modern video camera and in many instances, offer more. Car Dash Cameras top of the range cameras feature lens angles anywhere from 120 to a massive 170 degrees wide angle without diminishing the quality of the film.

Features of a Full High Definition Car DVR are:

  • Wide angle lens (ours vary from 120 to 170 degrees)
  • Expansion card support up to 32GB
  • Advanced Motion Detection Technology – automatically starts to record when Video frame changes
  • H.264 compression format – saves more storage
  • Full HD Video Resolution – seamless recording (no break between videos)
  • 50mm to 68mm display screen – play back video on camera
  • G Sensor – crash or heavy braking video is saved to Read Only
  • Cycle Recording – when storage card is full the oldest file is copied over by the newest.


They are also a great tool to keep an eye on your kids as they take to the roads, many cameras have a GPS module which tracks the route, speed and co ordinates travelled. Dashboard Cameras are being increasingly used by professional drivers like Truckies to provide evidence in the case of an insurance claim, they are also becoming more popular with business’s to keep their fleet drivers honest.

Road Rage

Some drivers use our roads like territorial war zones, they think it is their god given right to intimidate and abuse other drivers, road rage is an ever increasing threat to motorists. Recently there have been some shocking videos come to light on You Tube, Current Affair and Today Tonight thanks to dashboard cameras. I have personally experienced road rage and came under attack from someone slightly unhinged on the road, not once but twice by the same person in 2 months, he works in my area.

Road Rage Anger

Mr Road Rage

The first time I didn’t own a camera but the incident galvanised me into action, the day after his attack I attempted to purchase a dash cam on-line and paid extra for next day delivery.

The following day I got an email from the company telling me they wouldn’t have any cameras in stock for 2 weeks and asked me if “that’s ok?”.  It wasn’t ok as they had advertised next day delivery at a premium price so I emailed them. Two days later there was still no reply. I went back to their website only to find that there was no phone number in the “contact us” page. The company obviously had many complaints and just didn’t want to know about them. It was only by chance that a few days later I found a mobile number on a dash cam forum and immediately rang them to cancel the order.

I then ordered a camera through a website that had a contact number and a couple of days later, after paying $309 I received a reasonable quality camera.

After the shock of a road rage incident and my efforts to purchase a car dash camera for protection, or at least to have video proof if it happened again, I was very disappointed in the service some in the car camera industry offered so I decided to do something about it. That was the catalyst for the birth of Car Dash Cameras.

The perpetrator of the dual road rage incidents was like the neighborhood bully, on his second effort 2 months after the first, he was travelling in the opposite direction to me in a 60 kl Zone, he saw my car coming and swerved towards it. By the time I turned around to follow him up the hill he had disappeared but next thing you know he was behind me. It was a little like the movie “Duel” with him looming large in my mirror in his big 4 wheel drive. By this time I had two dash cams I was testing fitted to my windscreen, I pulled over, removed one and held it out the window pointing behind me, when he saw the camera all he could do was look foolish and wave, he knew he had been caught red handed. I had vision of him swerving towards my car and I now had vision of his intimidation behind me, it was all I needed.

Thanks to my DVR video and the efficiency of the Police he was soon stopped in his tracks. It only took a phone call from the Police to inform him that a complaint had been made and that a video of his dangerous and menacing actions are now on the Police file. As to be expected of a bully, he denied the first incident but couldn’t deny the second because his face, vehicle, frightening behavior and number plate were there for all to see. The call from the Police should be enough to ensure that he thinks twice before repeating the same actions again. As a footnote, the competent Police officer who handled this complaint said he was very impressed with the quality of the video and that we should sell them to the Police.

Car Dash Cameras sell only quality cameras, they are reasonably priced and the quality is vastly superior to some of the cameras on offer from overseas outlets.


To properly conduct our extensive research, we purchased 35 different cameras from many sources including Ebay and other on-line stores and found that some of them did not work and if they did, the video quality was so poor it was worthless (see still sample of poor quality and excellent quality below). As you can see, the clarity and colours in the photo on the right are far superior, dash cams are like anything else, you get what you pay for so always look for a quality product even if it costs a little more.