Truckie Merges Like He’s Driving a Sports Car

Its not always cars that are at fault when they tangle with trucks. While travelling through Lawson in The Blue Mountains last week, we were dive bombed by a large truck. We were on the Western side of Lawson approaching road works where the left lane ended and merged into the right lane.

Most vehicles were in the right lane in preparation for the 40 kph road works section but a truck driver came rushing up in the left lane, braked heavily and nearly took out the car in front of me. I then had no choice but to back off and let him in front of me. He would have had excellent vision from his elevated position of the merge to the right, the “flashing” sign showing roadworks, a flashing sign showing a 4okph speed limit and the end of the left lane but he was hell bent on being a “cowboy truckie” and making up one position. In the process he almost cleaned up a car and could have easily careered into the road works truck parked up ahead. The video does not do his stupidity justice.

View the video below

His dangerous driving was all for nothing, I passed him soon after the road works, he looked a bit stupid and sheepish when I stopped at the lights and held up my Hewlett Packard f210 dash camera for him to see. His driving was dangerous and unnecessary as we all had to slow down for the road works.

I am all for truckies, without them Australia stops but some people shouldn’t have truck licenses. They are big, heavy and dangerous in the wrong hands, if the road had of been wet or iced up like it was the next day (Friday 18th July) anything could have happened.

I have a number of mates in the transport industry, Car Dash Cameras supports the trucking industry in Australia, there are many trucks with our cameras in them. They love the HP f210 for it’s great video quality and “zero failure rate” reliability. I know how hard these guys work and how difficult the life of a truck driver can be, how small their margins are, how their customers squeeze the life out of their margins and put them under ridiculous pressure with almost unachievable deadlines.

If something goes wrong with their trucks it can be a major setback costing may thousands of dollars and clawing that loss back can take years but some truckies should not have a license and the guy featured in the video is one of them.

Because of their size, ALL truckies have a responsibility to drive with care but this bloke didn’t and it was not pretty, the video does not do justice to just how close and dangerous it was.


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