Why Car Dash Cameras is the best place to buy a dash cam

Many dash cam buyers are purchasing for the first time and making the right decision can be a difficult one. There are great discrepancies between prices and specifications, which makes it tough to make the right decision. We believe that our customers can shop confidently at cardashcameras.com.au because of the following reasons:

1) We only stock quality products

We have learnt from trialling many dash cameras over the years that some of these devices, whilst cheap, can be extremely unreliable. We have filtered out the bad from the good and only stock products that we know our customers can rely upon.

2) Australian Warranty

Unlike the overseas suppliers we are an Australian based Queensland company adhering to Australian warranty standards so our customers have peace of mind. We do not avoid our obligations to our valued customers.

3) We actually provide customer service

Whilst many online retailers will only communicate via email (if they communicate with you at all!) we pride ourselves on providing proper customer service and advice. We are happy to chat on the phone to ensure you make the right decision or we can guide you through the installation process if necessary. We also provide firmware updates on our website to allow our customers to update their product’s software.

4) Super Quick Dispatch Australia Wide (and products are actually in stock!)

Some online retailers will offer cheap prices and then mark up their postage to cover their losses. We don’t!…Our postage charge barely covers the actual cost of postage and sometimes we take a loss on postage. We offer cheap prices AND quick 24hr dispatch throughout Aus! All of our products are in stock ready to be posted. Selling Dash Cams is a full time gig for us, so we package and dispatch orders promptly.

5) Cheapest possible prices

We make a big effort to provide the lowest possible prices on our QUALITY RANGE of dash cams.