How A Dash Cam Can Protect You

A dash cam has so many benefits in protecting drivers on the road that they are becoming an essential accessory it motor vehicles. Channel 9 News Queensland recently ran a story further highlighting the values of dash cams.

In the story, they interview a leading Queensland Police crash investigation specialist.

Some key points made in the story:

  • Dash cams can protect you if it is not clear who is “at fault” in an accident
  • Dash cams can protect you when someone makes false claims as to who was “at fault”
  • Dash cams can prove how damage was caused to your car when unattended
  • Dash cams can capture other valuable pieces of evidence such as criminal activity

With pricing from as little as $118 for a full HD dash cam you’d be crazy not to have one! To view the full story, check out the video below:

Bike Cam has many benefits


The 1080p Full HD Bike Cam, shown here with the flat mount adhesive attachment.

We recently began selling Bike Cams due to an increased demand for helmet and sports cams.

These types of cams are extremely versatile and can be mounted in a variety of ways.

When mounted to a helmet or bike frame these cams can record footage whilst you’re on the road so you have some protection if an incident occurs. By recording everything you see, the cam can provide crucial evidence of who is at fault in the event of an accident.

The cam mounts to your helmet via a velcro strap which can slide through the vents on your helmet. There is also a screw clamp style mount which allows the cam to be mounted to frames, handlebars and similar.

Demo vision shown below:

These cams are also popular for recording extreme sports such as snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding, scootering and basically any sport that allows for you to mount a camera to either your helmet or your equipment. With the added benefit of being waterproof, the Bike Cam can stand up to nature’s elements.

helmet cam

Velcro strap mount allows for versatile mounting options

Vision is recorded in 1080p full HD and is stored on a Micro SD card (sold separately). You can view and store your footage by plugging in the mini USB cord and connecting to your computer.

These cameras feature automatic loop recording with up to 2 hours of footage being stored. Click here for more information or to purchase a Bike Cam.

2-Way Dash Cam Offers Uber Drivers Additional Protection


Cabin and road footage is recorded simultaneously

We have recently seen an increase in the amount of Uber and public transport vehicle drivers purchasing our 2-way Dash Cams.

Our Vacron 2-way Dash Cams film both the road and the drivers cabin simultaneously. We originally imported these dash cams for driver training programs but these dash cams have also proven popular for public transport drivers.

The advantages of filming the cabin and the road are fairly obvious. For Uber drivers, there is a benefit in recording the appearance of passengers and act as a discouragement for unruly behaviour. All kinds of things can occur, especially late at night when passengers are more likely to be intoxicated and in these instances the passengers memory may prove to be a little hazy so the dash cam can accurately document any incidents.

Uber App automatically deducts customers fare cost.

Uber App automatically deducts customers fare cost.

Uber drivers already have a layer of protection in the fact that the person booking the service must have the App, which not only records their personal details but also requires payment automatically. So Uber drivers don’t have to worry about the risk of someone “doing a runner” on them, however there is no real downside in recording video footage just in case. There are also instances where a driver may be falsely accused of inappropriate behaviour toward a passenger and footage can also prove as a protective measure in these instances.

The forward facing camera records everything that happens on the road. Again, in the case of Uber or other public transport services if a traffic incident occurs then there are a whole bunch of legal ramifications that can result. Dash cams are always recording, so if something does happen then it is easier for the driver to prove they were not at fault in the case of a dispute.

vacron-CDR-E07The Vacron also has GPS mapping which records both your speed and your route. This can be advantageous for businesses that hire drivers to drive their vehicles. The owner can keep an eye on driver behaviour and ensure that their vehicles or time are not being abused.

It is difficult to find information on the legalities of filming passengers, but it appears the industry standard is to have a notice mounted within the vehicle to inform drivers that they are being filmed for security purposes.

The Vacron 2-Way Dash Cam is currently on special. View the product here.


Truckies Deserve Your Patience

It is all too common to see people beating up on truckies. With the increase in dash cam footage being posted online these days we often see keyboard warriors going to town on truckies for driving dangerously, failing to give way and just being generally arrogant on the roads.

We recently posted our own truckie dash cam video that clearly shows a truck driver cutting one of our vehicles off on a roundabout. It is very easy to be annoyed at the truck driver in this situation and to be honest we were pretty frustrated at the time too but lets take a minute to put ourselves in the truck driver’s seat.

If you time the footage you can see that it takes the truck around 6 seconds to completely pull out and it looks as though he hurried himself up a bit when he realised he had cut me off. This footage was shot around the Yatala Enterprise area in Queensland and anyone who’s been through those roundabouts would know that there are always alot of heavy vehicles in the area and the roundabouts are incredibly busy.

You would be flat out finding a 2 second window let alone a 6 second window to get into the roundabout. So what exactly is the truck driver supposed to do? With traffic mounting behind them and no break in the traffic likely to happen at any time they have no option but to take the plunge and cut someone off. Roundabouts must be a truck drivers worst nightmare!

Another common issue that is discussed quite often in the media is trucks not allowing a safe distance on the motorways. As a fellow car driver, you can’t tell me that you haven’t snuck in front of a slow truck as you weave your way into open space at a much faster speed then the slow poke truckie. When you sneak in front, the open space you expected can sometimes shrink very quickly and you don’t put as large a gap between yourself and the truck as you would have hoped. In peak hour highway traffic I’d imagine that for the truck driver it might feel like magpies constantly swooping past you in breeding season. How is a truck driver supposed to keep a safe distance when the bar keeps moving? It is impractical to think they’ll continually slam on their brakes every time an over-eager motorist cuts them off.

Here are some facts:

  • Rear enders are the most common type of crash for trucks.
  • At a speed of 60km/h a car stops in around 58 metres.
  • At the same speed a truck will take 97 metres to stop.

We are all for safe driving and all truck drivers have a huge amount of responsibility to drive safely. The vehicles they are in control of can cause great destruction and injury but the responsibility is not all on them. General motorists need to show greater patience and care around trucks to ensure everyone gets home safely.

Reversing Cameras Help Keep Your Children Safe

In Australia many children are injured or die from low-speed run-overs. In fact, one child is run over in the driveway of their own home every week in Australia (State of the Road 2011).

Car Dash Cameras Australia have recently decided to donate $10 from every Reversing Camera Pack we sell to the Georgina Josephine Foundation. The Georgina Josephine Foundation is a charity organisation that aims to raise awareness of injury or death of children from driveway accidents and also provides support to families who have been affected by such a tragedy.

This cause is one that is close to our hearts at Car Dash Cameras Australia as our family have experienced the tragedy of losing a child in a low-speed driveway accident.

reversingIn a research document published by the Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) it is noted that there may be a connection to an increase in these types of accidents coinciding with an increase in popularity of 4WD vehicles. 4WD vehicles have larger blind spots, especially when reversing.

The study also made note that “recommended vehicle devices for reducing the risk of driveway accidents are a combination of functioning proximity sensors and a video camera” (State of the Road 2011). Our Reversing Camera Pack combines proximity sensors with a reversing camera and we find that this is safer than just a reversing camera alone. Parents are often distracted when reversing and an audible warning can provide an additional safety warning.

Some late model 4WD vehicles have reversing cameras and that is a good thing but some don’t, we believe that all vehicles should be fitted with them as they are inexpensive and can save lives. We fitted one to my elderly farther’s vehicle as it is a great help to him when reversing and parking.

Please click here to view our Reversing Camera Pack.


1. State of the Road – Available from: <>. [20 August 2015].

Hewlett Packard F310 Review

I have tested many dozens of dash cameras over the years so I believe that gives me the credentials and experience to nominate the best car DVR I have used and without a doubt, the best is the Hewlett Packard f310 full HD dash cam. This is the camera that supersedes the highly successful HP f210.

You may say that this is not an independent review because we sell Hewlett Packard but that is all the more reason to read on and take heed, why you might ask? Because we put our money where our mouth is, we carry the warranty on these cameras and no one wants to sell a product that consistently fails or has a high failure rate. In fact quite the opposite, we want to sell cameras that never fail and to date the HP f310 meets all our criteria. We want our customers to have peace of mind and backup support for the products they purchase.

One of the stand out factors with the f310 is the size, the camera measures 6cm x 6.5cm. Encapsulated in that small case is a large screen and heaps of technology. Technology such as a built in and very accurate GPS that logs your speed and coordinates while it tracks the progress of the vehicle on Google Maps when replayed. The vast majority of dash cameras have an external GPS data logger, not the HP and you have to wonder where they find room for everything in such a small unit.

Most dash cameras cause car radio interference because they don’t have FCC approval, the HP does, there is no interference in the vehicles I have tested this camera in over the past 10 months. The camera has extensive menu options but is simple to use and understand. Options include setting the time zone, Satellite synchronisation, setting speed or red light camera locations so that there is a warning next time you approach, setting over speed warning limits and so much more.

Other than exceptional video and audio quality the most important thing when deciding which camera to buy is to take into account the reliability of the unit and with all Hewlett Packard electronic products, the HP f310 is second to none in the reliability area. You don’t want to have an accident but if you do, when you go back over the footage it is imperative that the video is there and with many cameras, that is not the case. They fail when you need them most.

If you want more than 6 hours recording time set the camera to 720P, if you want Full HD set the camera to 1080P. 

The windscreen mount is robust and the best suction mount I have seen to date but if you would prefer a fully compatible smaller mount we have them in stock.

No need to waste time replaying the video though the HP player disc to see the speed of the vehicle, it is embedded in the video as is the date and time so simply play it through any Windows player.

The HP f310 is a brilliant camera that ticks all the boxes and is covered by 12 months full Australian warranty so rest assured that you are buying a genuine Hewlett Packard product.

Click here to buy one now, you won’t regret it.


Dash Cam Reviews 2015

The quality and capabilities of dash cams available in Australia are improving every year and as a result the dash cams we test and sell also change each year. We have trialled a number of great, average and bad dash cams.

All of the dash cams in our Top 5 are great but we have weighed up all of their features, including cost, and selected our Top 5 Dash Cams.

Note that we are not paid by any brand to give favourable reviews.

Here is our list of the Top 5 Dash Cams:

hp-F310-front1. The Hewlett Packard HPF310

The HPF310 is Hewlett Packard’s latest release and follows on from the brilliant quality of the previous model, the F210. The HPF310 is packed full of features including GPS tracking, 1080p Full HD vision, collision detection and unbeatable low level / night time vision.

We have tested this camera extensively and found its reliability to be 100% and navigating the menus is very user friendly. This is the Dash Cam that we choose to use in our CarDashCameras vehicles… that says it all!

2.The Philips CVR700

Philips DRV700 Dash CamPhilips, like Hewlett Packard, are a well recognised and respected world renowned brands. They put the same quality of workmanship and electronic components into their dash cams as they do with their other electrical goods. The Philips is very similar to the HPF310 feature wise, with the main difference being the shape of the camera. The Philips is rectangular in shape with a round control pad style of navigation where the HP is square with control buttons along the bottom.

The Philips has all of the expected features such as GPS data logger, 1080p Full HD vision a G-Sensor for collision detection.

3. The Mini 0806

The Mini brand is quite well known in the Dash Cam world and the 0806 is a standout. In particular the picture quality of the Mini is second to none with Super HD 1296p vision.

The major difference between the Mini and other brands is the storage capacity, it has the capacity to hold approx 30 hours of Super HD videos using 2 x 128GB memory cards, no other camera has that capacity. The off centre suction windscreen mount allows the Mini to be mounted higher up behind the rear view mirror whilst still being able to view the screen. The 0806 has some amazing features including Super HD 1296p vision, 135 degree lens, GPS tracking and 160 degree rotation so you can mount on the left or the right.

The Mini ranks 3rd purely based on the fact that the HP & Philips brands represent superior build quality from world recognised manufacturers. For those that aren’t too fussed with owning a “brand name” then they may prefer to go with the Mini as its features are fantastic.

4. The C1H Dash Cam

cih-featHistorically the C1H is one of our best selling dash cams. The C1H fits into the affordable bracket. The main difference between the C1H and it’s counterparts is the lack of GPS tracking and the lack of a recognised brand name. The C1H is a very affordable unit and still features full HD 1080p and super night vision. We have tested this model extensively and it has proven to be ultra reliable.

5. The CT66 Dash Cam

ct66-dashcamThe CT66 stands out with its striking white appearance and is in the affordable bracket similar to the C1H. This dash cam is a bit of a favourite of ours because of it’s unique appearance. We like the fact that the dash cam is easier for would-be road ragers or lawbreakers to notice, acting as a deterrent to silly behaviour. The CT66 features full HD 1080p vision and has an impressive 170 degree lens, allowing you to capture more peripheral action on the road. Being in the affordable bracket the CT66 does not come with GPS.

We have tested the CT66 extensively and similar to all of the other dash cams in this list it is ultra reliable.


Shaming Bad Drivers on Dash Cam

dash-cam-acaLast night A Current Affair ran a story on “Driver Shame” centering around a new website that allows people to submit their dash cam videos and expose bad drivers.

Dash Cams are capturing more incidents each day as Australian’s look to protect themselves and capture bad drivers. In the past reckless drivers knew that they could get away with just about anything on the road, after all the Police can’t be everywhere at once.

The unique aspect of the website featured on last night’s ACA story is that the driver’s numberplate is recorded in a database and over time people that continually do bad things on the road will build up quite a library of incidents caught on dash cam. We are interested as to the legalities of storing people’s number plates and I guess time will tell whether the roadshamer website will have issues with privacy laws in the long term. Roadshamer also shares videos and information with the Police but if you have a dash cam, you too can do that if someone is driving dangerously or you have been in a road rage incident.

People often wonder how a dash cam can protect them on the roads. Firstly, a dash cam will protect you in an “at fault” disagreement. For instance, the law generally protects the car that is in front when there is a nose-to-tail incident, however if your dash cam captures the driver in front causing the crash by braking erratically or behaving dangerously then you will have all the evidence you need to prove who was really at fault.

In addition, dash cams are often spotted by other drivers and they are less likely to behave badly if they know their actions are being recorded. That is why we are big fans of the CT66 Dash Cam. Being white in colour the CT66 is much more likely to be noticed by would-be road ragers and moronic drivers.

Over time it is hoped that dash cams will curb aggressive, dangerous and reckless behaviour on the roads as people realise they cannot get away with foolish actions on the road any longer.

Here is a link to last night’s ACA story.

The Benefits of a Reversing Camera

Reversing cameras are a fantastic safety feature for any vehicle but they are especially beneficial for elderly drivers.

Recently my elderly father asked me if I stocked reversing cameras. At the time I didn’t but I promised to find a good one for him soon.

I went to Hong Kong and found a camera I though would amply do the job and guess who the guinea pig was going to be to test the camera? You guessed it, my dad.

Depending on which Auto Electrician you use, they cost between $100 and $180 to install.  The purchase price is normally $129 making it a great investment for anyone but especially elderly drivers or people who own commercial vehicles.

Dad loves the camera because it makes it easy to reverse his car and it removes the guesswork. As you get older it becomes increasingly difficult to turn you head around far enough to see where you are going and mirrors don’t always do the job. Your flexibility reduces as you get older. It is also harder to judge how close you get to an object or another car when reverse parking your vehicle.

The 100mm screen discretely stuck on the dash using double sided 3M tape (usually next to the pillar), has grid lines to guide you but it also has voice prompts that direct you to within 300mm (1 foot) of any object or vehicle.

They are extremely simple to operate, in fact there is nothing to do. When you put the vehicle into reverse gear, the camera immediately turns on showing you a clear High Definition view of what is behind you. When you put the vehicle into drive the camera turns off. It really is that simple.

After dad tested the camera for me, I then purchased them in bulk, stocked them on our website and fitted them to our commercial vehicles.

All too often we hear of someone backing out of their driveway and running over a small child, it is a tragedy that sometimes could be avoided for a relatively small investment but the problem is that people often leave it until it is too late. Only yesterday there was a tragic accident in a Brisbane shopping centre.

Our reversing cameras are a great way to keep our kids and the elders in our community safe but at the same time, they also help keep the rest of us out of harms way.

Consider After-Sales Support When Buying A Dash Cam


There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a dash cam in Australia. One of the most important factors is the type of after sales and technical support you will receive.

We have recently seen an increase in support requests from consumers who require assistance with changing menu settings or configurations with their dash cams. In particular, there are occasions where the menu may end up being in chinese or another foreign language, making it near impossible to navigate the menu to change it back to english.

We place a large emphasis on after sales support and we urge customers to consider this when purchasing a dash cam. We have received calls from consumers that require help with dash cams they’ve purchased elsewhere because the retailer they’ve purchased from has left them in the lurch with no technical support and/or the retailer doesn’t know how to use the product they’re selling.

We will always provide technical assistance to help our customers. If you have purchased elsewhere unfortunately there is little we can do to assist.

Dash cams are relatively simple to configure and at Car Dash Cameras Australia we take care to ensure instruction manuals are easy to follow. If they’re not then we create our own. We will also provide phone support to assist customers in setting up their dash cams correctly.

When purchasing a dash cam, the most important factors are:

  • Quality of the actual dash cam unit
  • Quality of the picture / resolution (1080p minimum)
  • Is there an Australian Warranty?
  • Will the retailer offer you support / technical assistance?
  • Is the retailer reliable? Will they still be in existence in 6-12 mths if you do require assistance?
  • Price – cost of the unit and shipping costs

Price is often the only factor consumers consider in their purchase but this leaves many feeling unsatisfied with the quality of their dash cam or unable to use the product correctly due to lack of support / technical assistance. Our dash cams are priced as cheap as possible based on the high quality and the cost of the units. We also offer free shipping on all dash cams Australia wide.