Brisbane Road Rage Caught On Car Dash Camera

Again we witness the anger on our roads in full HD glory courtesy of a drivers in car camera. It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or even worse, it is happening all too often now as it was only last week that a man on the Gold Coast was shot in the leg in a road rage attack.

Any law abiding person who watched the story on Channel 9’s A Current Affair tonight would be horrified at the rampant stupidity and aggression displayed in this incident that happened on Sunday on the Ipswich Motorway. Motoring expert Samantha Stevens was appalled just like any normal person would be. She said it was “unbelievably dangerous” and of course she is right, the actions of some people on the roads are beyond belief.

If it wasn’t such a serious breach of the law you could almost say it was laughable, a little like a contortionist in a circus act. It was quite a feat from the person in front who, at one stage had his head and right shoulder hanging out the window looking backwards while still driving forward. How his feet reached the pedals is beyond me.

If you have ever been a victim of road rage you will understand the anxiety that is caused by seeing someone totally lose all self control while in charge of a motor vehicle. This was one of those cases, it would have only been hearsay if the driver behind didn’t have a dash camera in his vehicle. People need to be aware of what they and their children face on our roads.

I have been a victim of road rage and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Much to my chagrin I didn’t have a dash camera in my car the first time but I rectified that soon after. Its funny how sometimes you leave things until it is too late. Two months later I captured the second incident by the same local bully on my A8 Full Hi Definition car DVR and then I took the footage to the local Police. The “rager” told me I had cut him off but like the Officer said, “even if you did, so what? It doesn’t excuse such unlawful behaviour”.

The intimidating road behaviour was stopped when first his boss who owned the company vehicle, then the driver of the vehicle received a phone call from the Police officer. The Officer was impressed with the quality and clarity of the video and said I should sell them to the Police so if the Police Minister is reading this, please contact me for a bulk order discount. 🙂

A dash camera gives you a sense of confidence that if there is an incident, at the very least you will have proof of what occurred. Having a dash cam in your vehicle also makes you more aware of how you treat others on the road.


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