Car Dash Camera Provides Hard Evidence In Insurance Fraud

Russians love their car dash cameras, they are the biggest consumers of DVR’s in the world and for good reason. There are some terrible drivers in Russia! A large percentage of the crash videos on YouTube come out of Russia but here is a new twist to demonstrate the massive benefits of having a dash cameras fitted in your vehicle.

This video would be quite laughable other than for the fact it clearly shows a lady (probably not the right word for her) trying to rip off a hapless driver’s insurance company. Fortunately the driver had a dash camera fitted, it clearly showed he stopped well before he came into contact with the lady. It shows her thumping his bonnet, laying down on the road and casting the contents of her bag onto the road. Some people will go to any lengths to make a quick buck and the sad thing is her attempted fraud may have succeeded had the driver not been armed with a dash camera in his car.

Imagine the feeling of contempt you would have for someone who did this to you, without video evidence it would be very difficult to prove your innocence even if the court suspected fraud. It shows the value of having an in car camera in your vehicle, without it the driver and the insurance company could have faced months of court battles and inconvenience, not to mention the financial implications.

For as little as $85 you can have the protection a Hi Definition dash camera offers from fraud, road rage and motor vehicle accidents so buy one today.


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