Car DVR – New Product Review – EHD65

EHD65 300(4)

Car DVR’s or dash cameras are relatively new in Australia but they are steadily gaining popularity and for good reason, they offer the certainty of who is responsible in the event of a car accident, video evidence with road rage, theft and just poor behaviour in general on the roads.

We have introduced into Australia a new range of cameras that have all the attributes we look for in any consumer product we buy. The product must be designed to do the job it purports to do, it must also be aesthetically appealing, it has to be functional and reliability is a big factor. The price should always be reasonable but at the end of the day it is an in car camera and its main purpose is to produce great quality video and still images in case you ever need them.

Good Quality 300

Our EHD65 meets all the criteria of a good quality car dash camera but delivers even more by combining an Ambarella A2S70 chipset with an OV2710 sensor. The result is exceptional full High Definition video quality of 1920x1090p 30 frames per second. The combination of the Ambarella chipset and the sensor means the video quality is second to none, day and night.


The EHD65 car dash camera has many features including:

  • Digital Zoom x8
  • 3 video resolution options
  • 3 loop recording options 1m/3m/5m
  • File Format – Photo JPEG, Video MPEG4 ,H.264  EHD65
  • Digital camcorder or still images
  • 32MB Nand Flash
  • HDMI out
  • Image or video playback on 2.7inch (67mm) LCD
  • G Sensor
  • Motion detection
  • Time and Date Stamp

The case is 115mm x 50mm x 31mm and the big LCD screen makes it easy to review videos on the spot. It fits snug up against the windscreen so that it is unobtrusive and does not block your vision of the road ahead.

We offer free shipping Australia wide, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us for more information.

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