Channel 9’s A Current Affair Shows The Benefit Of Truck Dash Cameras

Last night Channel 9’s A Current Affair showed the value of having a dash camera in your truck.

If you missed it last night, you can watch it here now courtesy of A Current Affair.

Any truck but in particular, Semi Trailers and B Doubles are so big and heavy that in some cases they take hundreds of metres to stop but ignorant drivers are known to give them less space than they would give a car. Worse still, if you do tangle with them, your chance of surviving an accident with a truck is obviously much less than it is with a car.

The footage of a giant truck swerving onto a wet grass verge to avoid an oncoming car or van is scary but if they didn’t have that dash cam footage and the truck rolled or crashed, their insurance company would want answers and their premiums would no doubt increase. It is no easy task to swerve a 50 ton rig to avoid an oncoming idiot who is not paying attention or even worse, Texting while driving. When you see a truck coming you should instinctively know to give it space but it appears that instinct no longer plays a part in some peoples driving habits.

A Current Affair and Today Tonight do a great job highlighting the benefit of having a dash cam in your vehicle and with the new push bike laws in place, it is even more imperative that you can provide video evidence in the event of an accident or incident.

Michael Caine, the National Assistant Secretary of the TWU said that “330 Australians die each year as the result of truck accidents and it is not a statistic we should be proud of”.

It was obvious from the footage taken on 10 different dash cameras that some motorists do extremely stupid things and do not give trucks the room they need. There must be a change in the way we view trucks on our roads. When trucks stop, the country stops, they are an extremely important cog in the transport wheel of this country so please be more considerate, it might save your life and the life of a truckie.cyclist-helmet-cam

Whether it is a truck or a car, dash cameras come in handy when something goes wrong. Only recently a customer came to us after an incident with a cyclist. The customer (driving his work ute) had been waiting at a red light with his indicator on. On the green arrow, he proceeded to accelerate and turn through the corner.

Oblivious to the driver, a cyclist was approaching very quickly behind him in the cycling lane and plowed straight into the side of the drivers car as he was mid way through the corner. Witnesses at the scene were angry at the driver for not letting the cyclist through, but as he explained he simply drove through a green arrow with no knowledge that a cyclist was approaching behind…unfortunately the driver did not have “eyes in the back of his head!”. A Dash Cam could have proven our customers story in this instance if there was a question of fault.

Cyclists are arming themselves with helmet cams as a matter of personal safety and it’s about time that Australian drivers also protect their interest on the roads by arming themselves with dash cams.



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