Compare Cameras

The Difference Between Our Cameras

  • The HPf310 is a Full High Definition cameras that support GPS. Most functions are similar, video quality is similar, the main difference is appearance, they look completely different. There is also a choice on how they fit on the windscreen of your car which has been explained below so we will leave you to make your own choice on which “GPS” camera you buy.
  • The GHY-168 is Full High Definition, video quality is the same as the above cameras and this camera offers a cheaper option for someone who doesn’t want or need GPS (speed monitoring).
  • The front and rear packs offers a camera for the front windscreen and one for the rear. The rear camera can be rotated to watch the inside of the car from the rear windscreen if desired or to just watch the rear of the car in the event of an incident. Our front and rear packs are full HD front and back which is very rare. Most competitors front and rear packs have poorer resolution rear cameras.

Whilst all of our dash cams are good quality, if you want a camera with GPS my personal recommendation would be the HPf310. The Hewlett Packard f310 GPS dash cam comes with a suction cup mounting bracket.

If you are looking for an affordable dash camera without GPS you cannot go past the GHY-168.

Essential features for a dash cam:

  • Full HD vision (1080p or greater) – otherwise you can’t capture numberplates correctly
  • Wide angle lens (130 to 170 degree) – provides greater side vision when people cut you off etc.
  • Motion Detection – ability to automatically record when movement occurs. Useful for car security or carpark scrapes.
  • Seamless Recording – Video will record in sections e.g. 5min sections and there should be an overlap so that no vision is missed when transferring to the new section.
  • G Sensor – This will automatically record and store a crash or serious incident.
  • Lithium Battery – longer lasting high quality battery.
  • 32gb Memory Card Support – If the memory card is too small then the amount of vision you have stored is much shorter. You want to be able to store at least 4 hours or so on your cam at all times.
  • LCD Screen – Quality units always have an LCD screen so you can see what the cam is recording and it makes the menu options much easier to navigate.
  • English Menus!!!! – Good luck navigating your menus if there’s no english language option! All of our cams have this feature.
  • Microphone/Speaker – Quality dash cams will have a microphone that records inside the cabin. This can also be switched off via the menu.
  • Still Images – Your dash cam should be able to take a photo if and when needed with a simple press of a button on the cam.
  • Time & Date Stamp – This is useful when proving the time and date of an incident.