Dash Camera Price Versus Quality

We all know that you can buy cheaper cameras on Ebay. During our early research and development stage we purchased a number of cheap dash cameras from Ebay shops to test and compare with our products.

ebay-cheapy1Strike 1 – The cheapest camera was $14.91 from Hong Kong and took two weeks to arrive. It was a “Black 2.5″ LCD 270° 6 IR LED Camera Digital Video Car DVR”, unfortunately it didn’t work at all. You could turn it on, in fact the slightest bump would turn it on because the on/off button protruded out the end of the camera but it would not record and we had to remove the battery to turn it off! When we left negative feedback we were harassed for weeks by email to change the feedback to neutral, to appease us they offered to refund 50% of the cost.

Strike 2 – The next camera cost $28.98, it was claimed to be a 2.0″IR Full HD 720P Dash DVR Car Video Camera Recorder. For a start 720P is not Full HD as claimed. The picture quality was so poor that you could barely make out the model of the vehicles in front, let alone the number plate. This camera was sold as a “Full HD” camera but clearly it was not even Hi Definition. It was like watching a frame by frame movie shot in a snow storm from the silent movie era with stop-start frames frozen for nano seconds at a time. ebay-cheapy

Strike 3 – And your out! We purchased and tested other more expensive cameras with similar results, poor video quality and some of them didn’t work at all. None of the cameras we purchased came close to meeting our expectations.

After our experience with the the cameras purchased on Ebay, we made a conscious decision to stock only quality cameras that produced as a minimum, Hi Definition videos while being mindful of our customers budgetary constraints.

We stock a range of  high quality cameras that have been extensively tested to suit Australian conditions. We don’t believe in listing 40 different cameras just for the sake of having a large range, we would prefer to offer quality rather than quantity.

The GHY-168 is an affordable unit with reliable, high quality performance.

The GHY-168 is an affordable unit with reliable, high quality performance.

Our most affordable dashboard camera is the GHY-168. Unlike Ebay cameras, it comes with a full 12 month guarantee, the Full HD video quality is crisp and clear with great night vision and excellent number plate recognition and it is very easy to set the menu.

We also have Full High Definition cameras with and without GPS capabilities. They are all tried and thoroughly tested by yours truly. We have quality cameras in a price range to suit most budgets which includes some well known brands.

Among the star performers are the Hewlett Packard Dash Cams, a world renowned and trusted brand name in the world or electronics. The choice is yours and you can rest assured that all our cameras come with the same 12 month replacement warranty.

No doubt there are cameras on Ebay that do work, unfortunately we didn’t find them. The question is, why take the chance of purchasing a camera from Hong Kong when you can buy a camera from an Australian company that offers a proper warranty?

Overseas sellers do not contribute to our Australian economy by way of import duty or GST if the purchase is under $1000 and while they are obligated under our consumer laws to warrant any products they sell, good luck getting them to do something about it if the product fails! If you buy a dud you have little or no recourse and believe me, there are plenty of duds in the dash cam world.

The HPf310 is an ultra high quality dash cam from the world renowned Hewlett Packard brand.

We have fully tested our high quality range of cameras to ensure they meet and even exceed the expectations of Australian consumers and offer phone backup service you will not get anywhere else.

Purchasing a good quality dash cam is one of the smartest decisions you can make. You can have peace of mind that the cam will  not let you down when you need it the most.

Dash Cam Review Web Sites

It is pretty pointless taking any notice of Dash Cam review websites as most of them are biased.

Most of you would know that the majority of review websites are also owned or heavily subsidised by the companies selling cameras but I can tell you there is at least one exception, Car Dash Cameras.

Take note which cameras and which dash cam and websites they direct you to and then you will know who owns the review website.

We would prefer to do our own testing and then sell only the products that come up to our standard, then we and we alone are responsible.

Our extensive research shows us that cameras are no different to any other product, quite simply, “you get what you pay for”!