Consider After-Sales Support When Buying A Dash Cam


There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a dash cam in Australia. One of the most important factors is the type of after sales and technical support you will receive.

We have recently seen an increase in support requests from consumers who require assistance with changing menu settings or configurations with their dash cams. In particular, there are occasions where the menu may end up being in chinese or another foreign language, making it near impossible to navigate the menu to change it back to english.

We place a large emphasis on after sales support and we urge customers to consider this when purchasing a dash cam. We have received calls from consumers that require help with dash cams they’ve purchased elsewhere because the retailer they’ve purchased from has left them in the lurch with no technical support and/or the retailer doesn’t know how to use the product they’re selling.

We will always provide technical assistance to help our customers. If you have purchased elsewhere unfortunately there is little we can do to assist.

Dash cams are relatively simple to configure and at Car Dash Cameras Australia we take care to ensure instruction manuals are easy to follow. If they’re not then we create our own. We will also provide phone support to assist customers in setting up their dash cams correctly.

When purchasing a dash cam, the most important factors are:

  • Quality of the actual dash cam unit
  • Quality of the picture / resolution (1080p minimum)
  • Is there an Australian Warranty?
  • Will the retailer offer you support / technical assistance?
  • Is the retailer reliable? Will they still be in existence in 6-12 mths if you do require assistance?
  • Price – cost of the unit and shipping costs

Price is often the only factor consumers consider in their purchase but this leaves many feeling unsatisfied with the quality of their dash cam or unable to use the product correctly due to lack of support / technical assistance. Our dash cams are priced as cheap as possible based on the high quality and the cost of the units. We also offer free shipping on all dash cams Australia wide.


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