Cowardly Road Rage Attacks Out of Control

It is with a feeling of great sadness that I write this story but the public should be regularly made aware of the rampant aggression and violence on our roads.

Over the last few days there has been two very serious road rage attacks in Sydney and the perpetrators must be caught and punished.

The first attack was on Monday at Strathfield where a female reversed into the rear of a 73 year old man’s car. When the victim tried to take a photo of the number plate a male passenger attacked the old man punching him in the head, knocking him to the ground. It has been reported that the elderly man suffered a broken neck and a bleed on the brain. The Police said it was a cowardly attack but we don’t need them to tell us that, any person who punches an elderly man, let alone unprovoked is unquestionably a coward.

This attack has not only come at a great cost to the elderly couple and their family and friends but also to the public. It takes Police resources away from other areas while they investigate and bring to justice the coward who attacked the old gentleman. What should have been just a routine swap of license numbers and details for a minor accident is now a criminal investigation while the well being of the elderly man hangs in the balance. It is all such a waste of energy and public resources.

Road Rage AttackerThe police are looking for the man in this photo, any information should be directed to crime stoppers or your local Police.

The second attack happened last night between Parklea and Stanhope Gardens and has left a man with multiple injuries in a critical condition fighting for his life. He was stabbed, he has a head injury and a severed ear and his brother has a leg injury.


What possible excuse could a person or persons have to inflict life threatening violence like that on another man because of a perceived slight or driving incident?


The definition of road rage is varied depending on whose interpretation you read but it includes:

  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Rude gestures
  • Verbal insults
  • Unsafe driving
  • A fit of violent anger by the driver of an automobile, especially one directed toward and endangering other motorists or pedestrians.

I could add a plenty to the list including:

  • Tailgating
  • Brake testing
  • Swerving at you
  • Intimidation
  • Bullying
  • Terroization

The list goes on so if you are guilty of any or all of those, then stop and take a long hard look at yourself before you injure or even worse, kill someone’s loved one.

I think if we are honest, most of us would be guilty of at least one of the examples above over the course of our driving lives but really, there are no excuses now as road rage incidents are so well publicised and are now considered an extremely serious offence.

It’s a bit like smoking, back in the day we were not aware but now there is no excuse and road rage is no different!

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