Crash Cam Popularity On The Rise

Channel Nine News ran a story last Friday night (29.11.13) that Crash Cameras were becoming more popular as a way of removing doubt when it comes to insurance claims and who is responsible for the accident.

A gentleman who was involved in an accident made an insurance claim, he was adamant that he was not in the wrong but without video evidence he could not prove it. His insurance company met their obligations but he had to pay an excess and it effects your no claim bonus. He went out and purchased a dash camera so that if it happened again, he could provide irrefutable evidence to prove his case.

More and more Insurance Companies like their customers to use car cameras as a means of simplifying and fast tracking claims, it is hard to refute video evidence. You can buy a good quality Full HD Car DVR for under $200 and that works out much cheaper than paying the average excess which would be around $600.

Accidents are inconvenient to say the least, you are put through the wringer by your insurance company, you are without your vehicle for weeks and sometimes more and you have to be able to prove that you were not at fault and that is not always easy.

One of the most common cases of car damage occurs in shopping centre car parks. Someone reverses into your car, has a quick look around, sees that no one is watching and then takes off without leaving their number and leaving you to hold the financial bag. We have a solution for that, our surveillance camera and powerbank combination will record for hours while your car is unattended and can help identify the culprit and save you the massive frustration of not knowing who did it and the responsibility of paying for it yourself.

Dash cameras take the guesswork out of who was at fault and can more than pay for themselves if you only have to use the video evidence once, as it can expedite the insurance claim process. That aspect alone is worth the cost but they are even more of an asset as many insurance companies will give you a discount off your insurance for having one in your car, all you have to do is ask.


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