Dash Cam Reviews 2015

The quality and capabilities of dash cams available in Australia are improving every year and as a result the dash cams we test and sell also change each year. We have trialled a number of great, average and bad dash cams.

All of the dash cams in our Top 5 are great but we have weighed up all of their features, including cost, and selected our Top 5 Dash Cams.

Note that we are not paid by any brand to give favourable reviews.

Here is our list of the Top 5 Dash Cams:

hp-F310-front1. The Hewlett Packard HPF310

The HPF310 is Hewlett Packard’s latest release and follows on from the brilliant quality of the previous model, the F210. The HPF310 is packed full of features including GPS tracking, 1080p Full HD vision, collision detection and unbeatable low level / night time vision.

We have tested this camera extensively and found its reliability to be 100% and navigating the menus is very user friendly. This is the Dash Cam that we choose to use in our CarDashCameras vehicles… that says it all!

2.The Philips CVR700

Philips DRV700 Dash CamPhilips, like Hewlett Packard, are a well recognised and respected world renowned brands. They put the same quality of workmanship and electronic components into their dash cams as they do with their other electrical goods. The Philips is very similar to the HPF310 feature wise, with the main difference being the shape of the camera. The Philips is rectangular in shape with a round control pad style of navigation where the HP is square with control buttons along the bottom.

The Philips has all of the expected features such as GPS data logger, 1080p Full HD vision a G-Sensor for collision detection.

3. The Mini 0806

The Mini brand is quite well known in the Dash Cam world and the 0806 is a standout. In particular the picture quality of the Mini is second to none with Super HD 1296p vision.

The major difference between the Mini and other brands is the storage capacity, it has the capacity to hold approx 30 hours of Super HD videos using 2 x 128GB memory cards, no other camera has that capacity. The off centre suction windscreen mount allows the Mini to be mounted higher up behind the rear view mirror whilst still being able to view the screen. The 0806 has some amazing features including Super HD 1296p vision, 135 degree lens, GPS tracking and 160 degree rotation so you can mount on the left or the right.

The Mini ranks 3rd purely based on the fact that the HP & Philips brands represent superior build quality from world recognised manufacturers. For those that aren’t too fussed with owning a “brand name” then they may prefer to go with the Mini as its features are fantastic.

4. The C1H Dash Cam

cih-featHistorically the C1H is one of our best selling dash cams. The C1H fits into the affordable bracket. The main difference between the C1H and it’s counterparts is the lack of GPS tracking and the lack of a recognised brand name. The C1H is a very affordable unit and still features full HD 1080p and super night vision. We have tested this model extensively and it has proven to be ultra reliable.

5. The CT66 Dash Cam

ct66-dashcamThe CT66 stands out with its striking white appearance and is in the affordable bracket similar to the C1H. This dash cam is a bit of a favourite of ours because of it’s unique appearance. We like the fact that the dash cam is easier for would-be road ragers or lawbreakers to notice, acting as a deterrent to silly behaviour. The CT66 features full HD 1080p vision and has an impressive 170 degree lens, allowing you to capture more peripheral action on the road. Being in the affordable bracket the CT66 does not come with GPS.

We have tested the CT66 extensively and similar to all of the other dash cams in this list it is ultra reliable.


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