Dash Cameras Are Fun

Having a dash cameras in your car is not all about the downside of motoring like accidents, insurance issues and the ever present threat of road rage. They are the more obvious reasons to have one but car dash cameras are also cool, discrete and fun to have.

ROCAM A8 -3Since the motor vehicle became accepted and common in Australia in the early 1900’s, driving your pride and joy has always been a very enjoyable thing to do and never more so now that roads are much better and most cars are a dream to drive. Motoring in Australia is a passion shared by most vehicle owners, it is fun and pleasurable to be able to go away for the weekend in your car but even more so if you can review your road trip, especially if it is a drive like the Great Ocean road or the Blue Mountains. It could be anywhere that you find an interesting place to cruise in your car.

The quality of our A8 DVR video is first class as is the EHD65 and EHD69 (in stock soon), in fact all our cameras are at minimum high definition but most are full HD. They all produce excellent and crystal clear videos or still photos that can be stored in the family albums so that you can look back on the family holiday in years to come. It is all the better if there are no negative incidents to mar the trip as holidays are happy days. The car dash camera not only captures what is happening outside the car but inside as well, it captures the essence of the trip. Unless you mute the camera it will also record the audio inside the car and sometimes that can be interesting to listen to years later.

You don’t need the mundane aspects of the trip so edit the holiday and family videos. File them and when the kids have grown and come home for a visit, get them out, they are great for a walk down memory lane to remember the good times of the past.

Girl with SLR photo camera

No need to carry the big SLR camera unless you are also a camera enthusiast or photographer because you can remove your in car camera and take good quality still photos as well as videos, they are really a very versatile unit so remember, always keep your windscreen clean!

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