Dash Cameras The Best Gift for Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when people travel a lot. Most of us are on holidays and families like to get together and catch up to discuss the year that has almost past. It really is the best time of year but with most people on leave, it is not necessarily a good time on our roads.

Congestion can lead to aggression which often results in arguments with other drivers, aggro can flare without warning. A car camera can be your only way of proving who was responsible in the event of road rage or an accident.

We have had many customers say to us that they had an accident and were in the right but couldn’t prove it so that is why they are purchasing a dash cam. While I sympathise, I can only say to you that you should not leave it until after the event to buy a dash cam like I did. Be proactive, not reactive because it can be very costly if you leave it too late to make that purchase. rage or an accident.

Even the cheaper in car cameras can easily prove who was in the wrong, our A7 Hi Definition Car DVR retails for only $85 including a Free Triple Socket Adaptor and quick 24hr dispatch.

$85 will not break the bank but it might make the difference if someone disputes your version of events, this entry level camera is our biggest selling item as parents are snapping them up for their kids. It will provide video evidence if someone road rages against you or a loved one, only last week a lady was punched in the jaw through her car window by an angry cyclist in Victoria.

At the other end of the scale we offer a unique dash camera in the hp f210 Full HD with Wide Dynamic Range, this camera makes a great gift for you partner.

We do not offer a large range of car dash cameras, we have concentrated more on offering a smaller range of quality products that we know will do the job for you. We also have Portable Power Banks for car park surveillance and SanDisk Ultra 16GB and 32GB Micro SD cards with adaptor to record all your video files on.

It is now the ideal time to buy your loved ones a dash camera while they are on special for the festive season, a car dvr gives you some peace of mind during a very busy time of year on our roads.

We here at Car Dash Cameras would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.



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