Dash Cams And Insurance Discounts

As dash cams for cars become increasingly popular in Australia, insurance companies will eventually offer discounts if you have one in your vehicle.

This morning I interviewed our Group of Companies insurance broker Anthony Scott from Watkins Taylor Stone in Sydney, the question was “do Insurance Companies offer Discounts if you have a Dash Camera in your vehicle?”

Anthony  said “Insurance companies are slow to respond to emerging trends, their systems being so complicated that it costs significant amounts to add in allowances for new items such as a field for car dash camera discounts”. Anthony said, “At this time and to my knowledge, there is no private motor insurance company in Australia that offers a discount for having a car dvr installed, but it will have to happen in time as they are a vital product in proving who is responsible in the event of a collision. The cost savings to insurers could be significant if you consider the legal costs alone when it comes to recoveries”.

I will add that Anthony has purchased a C1H Full HD dashboard camera so he knows the value of having one in his vehicle.

Despite there being no insurance discount, a dash cam will not only save the insurance industry money, it will save you money in the event of an accident, providing that you are in the right. If you are unlucky enough to have an accident, a dash camera can prove who was at fault, that alone can save you from paying your excess and that saving will more than cover the cost of the camera. A car dvr also offers you some peace of mind, you forget its there running away in the background… until you need it.

They are relatively cheap to buy but be sure you buy from a reputable Australian dash camera company and there are not many of us. Car Dash Cameras offer a full 12 months warranty and if there is an issue, we have technical support only a phone call away.

Dash cameras have become big news over the past few days, Monday and Tuesday’s channel 9 News in Brisbane has had stories on dash cams and how they offer video evidence if there is an incident or accident, Brisbane FM Station Triple M had discussions on the benefits of having a camera in your car this morning and are in agreement that car cameras are a good device to have in your vehicle.

The camera that shot this video is the equivalent to our Full Hi Definition cameras such as the HP f210, EHD69 GPS and the C1H. All these cameras have similar features such as Full HD video quality, Motion Detection and in the case of the HPf210 and EHD69, GPS which logs the speed the vehicle is travelling.

This is how car cameras work, it is all automatic, put a memory card in the camera, plug it into your lighter socket, turn on the car ignition and the camera starts recording. A 16GB SD card will store around 3 hours of Full Hi Definition videos, a 32GB card will store double that amount. Once the card is full there is nothing for you to do as the camera will simply “Loop Record”, that is it will record over the oldest video.

When you turn the ignition off the camera shuts down.

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