Dash Cams are a popular Christmas gift idea in 2014

Dad does not really want a pair of socks for Christmas this year

NO! Dad does not really want another pair of socks for Christmas this year

Stuck for Christmas ideas for Dad, Mum, Brother, Sister or even Grandpa and Grandma?

It’s that time of year again where we often recycle the same tired old gift ideas at Christmas……Let’s face it a Car Care pack for Dad and a Pamper Pack for Mum have been done to death and aren’t going to excite anyone.

Dash Cams are the perfect Christmas idea in 2014 for the following reasons:

  • They have wow factor and are relatively cheap for such an impressive electronic gizmo.
  • They are low maintenance – automatically recording all of your travels on the road – whether that be for safety or just to record your travels.
  • A dash cam can be installed by anyone in 5 minutes which equals instant Christmas Day gratification.
  • If your Dad, or anyone else, are into their car or big on road travel or protecting themselves…then they will be excited to receive a gift like this.
  • They are a very hot item at the moment, constantly being featured on TV programs like ACA and Today Tonight.
  • If you’re just chasing a stocking filler one of our portable power banks might do just the trick. They allow you to charge your phone or device on the go.

The C1H represents great Bang for your Buck this Xmas

Why buy from Car Dash Cameras Australia this Christmas?

  • We are Australian owned and ship from Queensland so no nervous waiting like you get with dodgy online ebay sellers.
  • We provide 12 month Australian Warranty on all dash cams.
  • Customer Service – You can call us and talk to us for advice, and you can purchase over the phone if you like.
  • We thoroughly test all of the cameras we sell so we know we can stand behind their quality. We choose to stock a smaller range of higher quality dash cams rather than a large, cheap, unreliable range.

Choosing the best dash cam – Don’t buy a DUD!

Make sure you get full HD

It is important that you get a full high definition dash cam. In the event of a road incident the additional resolution can help you identify number plates and other important details. All of our dash cams are full high definition.

Choose a purpose made dash cam

It is important that you get a purpose made dash cam. Go Pros and their cheaper imitations are not meant to be used as a dash cam. Dash cams automatically turn on and start recording when your vehicle ignition is switched on. They also automatically loop when they run out of memory (usually more than 4 hours) so the recording doesn’t stop.

Choose a Colour


The striking WHITE CT66 is proving very popular

Most people purchase black or dark coloured dash cams as they are discreet, however we also stock the CT66 which is a white dash cam. The white cam can give added protection on the road as it’s more obvious to road users that they are being recorded.

Select between GPS and non-GPS

A GPS dash cam has the added benefit of recording your speed when you drive. This can be very valuable in proving that you weren’t speeding in the event of an accident. Non-GPS cams are generally cheaper than dash cams with GPS.

Make sure you buy a memory card

Dash cams need a memory card to record. No-one wants to wait to be able to use their present on Xmas day so make sure you pick up a memory card while you’re purchasing.

Buy a quality dash cam

We have discount packages in our online store that include memory cards such as:

We offer quick 24hr dispatch throughout Australia and a FREE triple socket lighter adaptor in all Dash Cam purchases. Click here to view all of our dash cams in our online store.


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