I feel the need to write a review about “dash camera review websites”.

Dash cam review sites are just another way for dash cam companies to advertise and sell their products and the owners of the review website to sell advertising space and links to dash cam websites. For a fee the dash cam company will get a favourable review, traffic directed to their website and thus, an increase in sales.

To my way of thinking, that is completely disingenuous or to be blunt, dishonest. How do I know this is how they operate?

I have been approached more than once to have our company participate in this type of marketing and on all occasions, I have said an emphatic NO.

The bulk of them are not genuine autonomous review websites, they are only in existence to:

  • Create marketing revenue streams for themselves.
  • In exchange for payment from dash cam companies, to direct traffic to our websites, supposedly to increase our sales.

When honest companies say no, they do negative reviews which can damage the reputation of the company who sell quality products and stand by those products with after sales service and genuine warranty because they:

  • Want to get square.
  • Have no regard for the consumer who they pretend to represent.
  • Do not care about the quality of the product we sell.

What is most prominent feature on the home page of this review website? Correct, the advertising on the right side of the page with links to the companies that sell those cameras.

We would rather not sell a camera than participate in smoke and mirrors advertising like this. If you looked into these types of websites you might find that some of them are owned by dash camera companies. It is the same in many other industries where the review sites are just an additional sales and marketing strategy.


The following email conversation is what you can expect from review websites:

I am about to launch a website that promote and sell Dashboard Cameras.
I have approached several companies who are interested in promoting their company and who can supply me with their products.

If you would be interested in discussing this further please let me know. My website is to be launched in a week from now.

I look forward to hearing back from you”

I then asked him what benefit there would be to us as they would be just another opposition company, his answer below:


I was meaning affiliate sales, I can direct traffic to your website and therefore increase your sales.

I am going to review Dash Cams and rate them with links to websites that sell them.

The email I sent you was just a general introduction to many suppliers I have contacted, I have a good domain name and

experience in online marketing.

Have you thought about Affiliate marketing and setting something up to track sales from other sites? it is a great way to increase sales.

 Maybe you would like to advertise on my site or have you website and products mentioned and linked ?”

My question to you the customer is, how can I be allowed to advertise on this new review website if it were genuine? By accepting payment from me for advertising, it would be a conflict of interest if they then did a negative review on one of my products so that is not going to happen as they know there would be no further participation or revenue from our company.

The consumers best option is to deal with an Australian company bound by Australian consumer laws so that if they do have a problem, it is addressed here.

It takes months of testing to comprehensively review a dash camera, I know because I am always testing a reviewing new products. At the moment I have 4 cameras on the windscreen of my car at various stages of review. One has been there for 4 months and is still not finished. How could it be as we come out of Winter, the unit has to withstand the heat of a Queensland Summer before I can give it the final tick of approval.

It is obvious that dash cam review websites cannot be trusted as their autonomy or independence is fatally compromised because they earn their living from advertising revenue.


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