Drunken Road Rage Rampage On The Gold Coast

The past 2 week has seen 3 well publicised road rage incidents in South East Queensland.

The latest outrage was reported in Saturday’s Gold Coast Bulletin when a man went on a rampage which began when he violently tailgated a 27 year old female on a scooter along the Gold Coast Highway at Mermaid Beach. When she tried to pull over the alleged road rager followed her and when she stopped he punched her in the face. The lady needed protection from her attacker when he pulled out a crowbar, he drove off when the local residents came to her aid. Imagine the fear she felt while under attack and it’s becoming all too common. She required treatment from paramedics at the scene.

Later the same person was seen tailgating and abusing the driver of a car in Hooker Blvd Broadbeach. When they both stopped at traffic lights he was seen screaming and using foul language before taking his crow bar and hitting the windows of the car. After the driver and his passenger called Triple-O the Broadbeach Police caught him shortly after.

The Police charged him with assault occasioning bodily harm, wilful damage and drink driving.

Last Sunday there was another well publicised incident on the Logan Motorway and just a week before that a man was shot in the leg ┬áin a Southport attack. Road Rage is now becoming an epidemic on our roads. Two family members witnessed an incident only yesterday afternoon, again on the Logan Motorway. On this occasion a frustrated driver, who couldn’t pass in the right lane, “went bush” on the left hand verge to get around a driver who was dawdling along in the right lane, it was almost on again!

This is just another example of the stupidity on our roads and really there is no way to stop it but at least a car dash camera can help the Police deal effectively with the perpetrators in court. If these lunatics know that the majority of drivers can provide video evidence of these events, they may think twice before endangering other peoples lives.

Having a Full Hi Definition dash cam in my car stopped a repeat offender from any further road rage against me. It is an inexpensive purchase to offer a first line of defence and deter these out of control drivers from continually offending.

I believe that in time, Insurance companies will require drivers to have a camera in their vehicle as proof in an accident or a road rage event.

Next week I will write a report on what precautions I think you should take if you too become a victim of road rage.


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