Frequently Asked Questions

Car Dash Cameras has done extensive research to ensure that all the products we sell are fit for purpose and work in the manner we advertise. We tested over 30 different cameras and brands so you can rest assured we market an affordable range of cameras that ticked all the boxes for reliability, video quality and value for money.

There is no middle man as we are the importer and, in most cases, are the sole Australian distributor of the camera brands we sell.

Dash cams are legal in Australia, in time we believe they will become mandatory by insurance companies as they take the guesswork out of most claims.

Product Colours

Many of our products offer a colour choice, when placing an order you will see “customer notes” in the checkout, please state which colour you would prefer, stock permitting, we will provide you with the colour of your choice.

Does the camera run off its own internal battery?

It may turn on without being plugged into a power source but only for a few seconds. You need to plug your dash cam into a power source such as your car cigarette lighter socket or a portable power bank for it to operate properly.

When reviewing your footage you can plug the dash cam into your computer via USB which will also provide power to the unit.

Can I return the camera for you to set up?

Yes, once you have obtained an RMA number you may return the camera for programming but please be aware the cost of return postage is your responsibility. We advise you to download our installation instructions and if you still cannot follow it, call us and we will talk you through it.

If there is a problem with my camera can I send it back?

Yes, once you have obtained an RMA number you may return the unit, however if we find there is nothing wrong with the camera such as you have not set the menu correctly, then the cost of return postage is the responsibility of the customer.

Are Our Payment Methods Secure?

Our entire website is secured by a SSL certificate (https) to ensure that all browsing and data transfer is securely encrypted. We process your payments through PayPal’s payment system. PayPal is a trusted brand and transactions are processed over a safe and secure connection, (SSL) for your peace of mind.

Can I Order By Phone?

Yes, call John or Leah on 0432 284 016, they will take your order and put it on-line for your warranty, then we have a complete history, alternatively you can order online.  The checkout is simple and easy to use but if you have any problems or special circumstances, please don’t hesitate to call us for advice as we are always ready to help and accommodate the needs of our customers.

Do You Have Bulk Order Discounts?

Yes we do, we offer our corporate partners a discount on any order of 3 units or more, please contact us through the “contact us” page for further details or call us on the number on the home page for more details.

How Soon Is The Product Shipped and How Is It Shipped?

We usually ship the product within 24 hours of confirmation of payment being cleared (Monday to Friday). We use Australia Post but from time to time and depending on the size and destination of the order, we may use a courier service. You will be informed by email when your order is shipped.

Your order will be posted via Australia Post so please supply us with a post office box or a postal address only. We cannot put directions or special delivery instructions on the parcel for Australia Post as these instructions are ignored by Australia Post and may lead to the loss of the package.

Regular Post usually takes between 2-5 days in transit. In some peak times, like Christmas, Australia Post may be a bit slower to deliver products.

If you live outside Australia and wish to place an order, please contact us for shipping costs and we will manually place the order for you.

Why Are Some Dash Cam Outlets Hard To Contact?

Some dash cam outlets are difficult or impossible to contact as they sell substandard products that are not fit for use anywhere, let alone under Australia’s harsh conditions. They are flooded with complaints so they just ignore their customers, some don’t even have phone numbers on their contact page, we are accountable for our products and can be contacted during business hours.

Can I Use Motion Detection With Loop Recording?

No, the two functions are not compatible, loop recording will not work effectively in conjunction with Motion Detection. The result will be many small videos of varying length. Motion Detection is used when the car is parked and the camera has  a permanent power source. Loop Recording is the normal recording process of the camera and can be set a various lengths such as 1 minute, 3 minutes or 5 minutes in the camera menu.

Can I Leave The Dash Camera Installed When It’s Hot?

We advise you to remove the camera from the windscreen if your car is parked outside because if you leave it in direct sunlight or on hot days it could cause damage and may void your warranty. Most cameras are rated up to 35 degree Celsius, it is ok when you are in the car with the air conditioning on but it is not good for any electronic product to be left in direct sunlight. You wouldn’t leave your iPhone on the dash, look after the Dash Cam in the same way.

Can I Put the Windscreen Protector on With The Camera Installed?

No, the sun reflected off the windscreen protector will melt most plastics, temperatures can reach over 140 degrees C and cause irreparable damage to any electronic device. We sacrificed one of our cameras to find out how it would withstand very high temperatures and at what temperature it would fail, we literally cooked the camera in reflected sunlight and surprise surprise, we found it did not like direct sunlight concentrated onto it at over 140 degrees C. The amazing thing is that this camera still works and functions perfectly, just as it was designed to do but it was not designed to endure oven type heat.

Can I Use An SD Card From Another Camera?

Yes but you will need to insert the SD card into your computer and “format” it first. Different brand cameras use different file formats such as”mov” or “MP4” and it may cause problems with continuous loop recording once the SD card is full.

Should The SD Card Be Formatted Now And Again?

We recommend you format the SD card regularly, if you have a read only or protected file, when the card is full it may stop the camera from recording over the oldest video. Formatting the card deletes all the data on the card. Before formatting the card save any files you want to keep onto your computer.

How Do I Format The SD Card?

Insert the card into the slot on your computer or leave the card in the camera and plug that into your USB port, go to “Computer”, find the relevant Removable Disk, right click on the Disk, select Format and click OK. All data on the card will be deleted so make sure you have selected the correct drive to format.

Can I Use Another Cameras’ Power Lead In My Camera?

No, it is not recommended as different cameras use different cables and it could damage your camera.

Do I Have to Hard Wire The Camera Into the Car

No need to hard-wire the camera into the car (but you can if you want to), just plug it in to the cigarette lighter socket. If you have only one socket and maybe a Navigator already plugged, simply buy one of our USB triple socket cigarette lighter adaptors.

If A Camera Is Rated To Use Up To A 32GB SD Card Can I Use A Smaller Capacity?

Yes, as small as you like, it just means it will recycle the videos more often. We recommend and use only quality 32gb cards in all our cameras but there is nothing that would prevent you from trying smaller capacity cards. The smaller the card, the less hours/minutes of footage your camera will store which is why we recommend the 32gb as the perfect size.