Hewlett Packard F310 Review

I have tested many dozens of dash cameras over the years so I believe that gives me the credentials and experience to nominate the best car DVR I have used and without a doubt, the best is the Hewlett Packard f310 full HD dash cam. This is the camera that supersedes the highly successful HP f210.

You may say that this is not an independent review because we sell Hewlett Packard but that is all the more reason to read on and take heed, why you might ask? Because we put our money where our mouth is, we carry the warranty on these cameras and no one wants to sell a product that consistently fails or has a high failure rate. In fact quite the opposite, we want to sell cameras that never fail and to date the HP f310 meets all our criteria. We want our customers to have peace of mind and backup support for the products they purchase.

One of the stand out factors with the f310 is the size, the camera measures 6cm x 6.5cm. Encapsulated in that small case is a large screen and heaps of technology. Technology such as a built in and very accurate GPS that logs your speed and coordinates while it tracks the progress of the vehicle on Google Maps when replayed. The vast majority of dash cameras have an external GPS data logger, not the HP and you have to wonder where they find room for everything in such a small unit.

Most dash cameras cause car radio interference because they don’t have FCC approval, the HP does, there is no interference in the vehicles I have tested this camera in over the past 10 months. The camera has extensive menu options but is simple to use and understand. Options include setting the time zone, Satellite synchronisation, setting speed or red light camera locations so that there is a warning next time you approach, setting over speed warning limits and so much more.

Other than exceptional video and audio quality the most important thing when deciding which camera to buy is to take into account the reliability of the unit and with all Hewlett Packard electronic products, the HP f310 is second to none in the reliability area. You don’t want to have an accident but if you do, when you go back over the footage it is imperative that the video is there and with many cameras, that is not the case. They fail when you need them most.

If you want more than 6 hours recording time set the camera to 720P, if you want Full HD set the camera to 1080P. 

The windscreen mount is robust and the best suction mount I have seen to date but if you would prefer a fully compatible smaller mount we have them in stock.

No need to waste time replaying the video though the HP player disc to see the speed of the vehicle, it is embedded in the video as is the date and time so simply play it through any Windows player.

The HP f310 is a brilliant camera that ticks all the boxes and is covered by 12 months full Australian warranty so rest assured that you are buying a genuine Hewlett Packard product.

Click here to buy one now, you won’t regret it.


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