History of Car Dash Cameras

VHS cassettes were used in the original Car dash cameras when they introduced to police cars in Texas in the early 1980’s. Usually they are fixed to the front or rear windows of a vehicle. They were used to help with police officer safety in rural areas, those early cameras were extremely costly and were huge compared to the dash camera of today and the video quality was poor, it is almost impossible to make out personal features, vehicle makes and number plates.

Cameras of Yesteryear were big and bulky.

Cameras of Yesteryear were big and bulky.














We have come a long way since then with Full High Definition Digital Video Recorders with GPS, seamless loop recording onto a micro SD card that can hold 32GB or data.

Early dash cameras were of such poor quality that police didn’t want them but with improvements over the years they started to be used more widely. One real benefit was that it helped in a small way to make the police more accountable for their actions but it also helped them prove their case when public behaviour was questionable.

As the portable camera technology improved the price became affordable and car dash cameras became more widely used across the country by the police forces of America.

Technology is now cheaper, cameras are smaller, quality is far superior and the price is now affordable for everyone who owns a vehicle. Trucking firms, taxi companies, bus services and the general public have all embraced the Dash Cams in many countries around the world.

EHD65 Full HD Dash Camera

Australia is lagging behind but we are fast realizing the benefits and potential in being able to prove to your insurance company who is at fault if an accident happens. Parents see the advantage of a car camera installed in their kids cars, the camera is a very effective tool to keep an eye on their behaviour. It could save a life and the value of that is immeasurable.

Car Dash Cameras are known by many names, Car Cameras, Dash Cams, Car Dash Cameras, in car cameras, DVR’s, Car Black Box just to name a few but they are all pretty much the same thing, all the cameras we sell produce good to exceptional quality videos. The quality depends on a number of factors but as usual, it all comes down to how much you spend because like anything else, you get what you pay for.

As an operator of a motor vehicle you have your drivers record to protect, dash cameras are decisive and the ultimate eye witness in a accident or with aggressive drivers which may turn into road rage, the camera does not lie and the evidence that a video can provide can protect you in regard to your vehicle insurance and your licence.

Dash cams are simple to install, easy to set the menu and have automatic start and stop recording, basically you just set it and forget it …. until you need it.



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