How A Dash Cam Can Protect You

A dash cam has so many benefits in protecting drivers on the road that they are becoming an essential accessory it motor vehicles. Channel 9 News Queensland recently ran a story further highlighting the values of dash cams.

In the story, they interview a leading Queensland Police crash investigation specialist.

Some key points made in the story:

  • Dash cams can protect you if it is not clear who is “at fault” in an accident
  • Dash cams can protect you when someone makes false claims as to who was “at fault”
  • Dash cams can prove how damage was caused to your car when unattended
  • Dash cams can capture other valuable pieces of evidence such as criminal activity

With pricing from as little as $118 for a full HD dash cam you’d be crazy not to have one! To view the full story, check out the video below: