How To Care For Your Dash Camera

A7 Picture QualityIt is in your best interests to look after your Car Dash Camera just like you would care for any other electronic product, your mobile phone for example.

Your dash cam will normally reside on your car windscreen but us Aussies live in the lucky country so some care needs to be taken.

As you all know, here in Australia we have diverse climatic conditions where Spring and Summer can get particularly hot and humid anywhere but especially in the North. Personally I wouldn’t leave my iPhone on the dash board of my car, I left it in the sun once and it took a while for it to work again after it cooled down, cameras are no different.

An in car camera is also an electronic device that may be damaged if left in direct sunlight on extremely hot days. Generally it is not a problem if the you are in the car with the windows down or the air conditioning on but if the car is locked up and baking in the elements, take the camera off the windscreen and sit it on the floor out of the sun. As a rule of thumb, if you can handle the heat or humidity or the cold for that matter, your DVR can handle it and more. One other thing and then I will move on, never ever ever ever put a dash board protector up to your windscreen with the camera between it and the windscreen, it will fry your camera just like it would fry you! Reflected heat is a killer, very damaging, just ask the designers of the Walkie Talkie high rise in London.

Car cameras don’t need much looking after or maintenance but if you have an accident or a heavy braking incident the G Sensor in the camera will automatically save and protect that video. After you have copied it to a USB stick or your computer, it is a good idea to format the SD card again as it may stop the loop recording function from working properly in the future. The reason for the re format is because when the memory card is full the dash cam records over the oldest file, it may stop when it reaches the Read Only file that has been saved so good idea to re format after an event.

To format the SD card, plug the camera into your computer using the USB cable, go to “computer” and find the relevant removable disk, then right click and click “format”. Formatting will delete all files so make sure you have selected the correct disk to format.

Really the only other maintenance is to keep the lens clean, just wipe occasionally with a soft cloth or tissue.


To all our truckie mates out there the information is the same, treat your truck dash camera with some care and it will still be there for years to come to video the rat bags causing chaos on the roads.

If you have any maintenance questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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