I Won’t Go Anywhere Without A Dash Cam In My Car

Last night on A Current Affair, yet again we saw the value of having a crash camera in you vehicle. It provides irrefutable proof in the event of an accident or an incident. The video evidence a Dash Cam gives you can save thousands on your insurance, it can also save your licence.

After having a camera in my car, I will not go anywhere without one now, in a way my Car DVR  is like a security blanket, it is rolling all the time and it is the same for my whole family. My A8 camera captured all the proof I needed to take to the Police to stop a predatory Road Rage repeat offender dead in his tracks.

Older people sometimes feel they get picked on and pushed around on the road, a camera in the car makes them feel a little more secure and can vindicate them if the worst does happen. Last year I put an EHD65 Full Hi Definition camera in my elderly parents car as a little insurance and they couldn’t be happier as it has two purposes. The first is that it will provide proof if there is an accident, the second is that it makes my father more aware of how he drives because having a dash cam in your car works both ways. If you have an incident, it can prove you were right, on the other hand, it can prove you were in the wrong so the camera is an incentive and reminder to drive carefully and obey the law.

Yesterday I was talking to an 80 year old gentleman who wanted to purchase an in car camera, he said “these days people blame elderly drivers for everything when it is not always their fault”. He said that often, people don’t respect older people and push them around on the road, he said it is not like it used to be when the elderly were respected. Of course he is right, some people don’t show enough respect for our elderly citizens, you only have to look at what happened on the bus on the Gold Coast last week, it was a dreadful sight to see those two young girls treating an old man like they did and while I wasn’t there and don’t really know the circumstances, I cannot understand why it took so long for the other passengers to defend him, but I digress… 

It is our job to look after the older generation, they want to be mobile and stay independent as I am sure we all will as we get older. There is a lot to be learnt from our elders, they have been there before us and gathered the wisdom that we need to reach their age. In some societies elders are revered, even after death. In some parts of China the younger generations gather at the grave sites of their forebears to tidy up the site and make repairs to head stones. They then offer food and drink to the dead, let off fireworks and then have a feast because they believe that even in death, if they look after the old people and treat them with respect, the old people will look after and protect them.

I don’t know about that but at the very least, make them feel a little safer on our roads by putting a dash camera in their vehicle.


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