Car cameras are relatively new to Australia but are now getting some traction in the market and rightfully so. They are huge in Russia and many European countries and they will soon be in most Australian cars.

Car cameras go by many different names but they are all essentially similar despite the various descriptions but obviously the quality is not. It doesn’t matter if it is called a Car DVR, an In Car Camera or a car Black Box DVR, there are certain things to look for when choosing the best car camera or the best car camera with GPS available in Australia.

You want them to be able to withstand low or high temperatures, all our car dash cameras are rated from -10 to +60 degrees Celsius.

Many of the cheaper cameras from overseas are 480P, the video quality is so poor that you can barely make out the model of the vehicle in the picture, let alone the number plate. Therefore you should select a dash cam which has as a minimum, High Definition recording. Number plate recognition is good with HD and even better with Full Hi Definition. Car Dash Cameras HD A7 has all the regular features of a good camera but is very well priced and can be relied on to the do the job.

Loop Recording is fairly standard in most dash cameras as is Motion Detection but the very best cameras also have GPS function which tracks the speed of the vehicle and displays the route on Google Maps.



If you feel you have been unfairly booked for speeding, GPS can be an effective defence in court, we all know that Police Radars (especially hand held guns) can be unreliable.

If you have a fleet of vehicles a GPS Dash Cam is a very handy way to keep tabs on the behaviour of your drivers as it shows in real time the speed of the vehicle and the route taken. If you driver is goofing off you will soon know about it. Someone asked me “what if they just turn the camera off?” My answer was “if they turn off the dash camera they have something to hide and are not to be trusted with your expensive vehicle!”

A Full HD GPS camera  like the EHD69 can keep an employee honest but if you don’t need that function there are other options that produce equally clear day and night video quality.

You can buy our V8 Full Hi Definition Car Dvr for as little as $143 including a treble adaptor and quick 24hr dispatch. There is also our Full HD EHD65 which has the same Chipset and Sensor as the top of the range EHD69.

Our MD-400 is a 2 channel camera for car which records what is going on in front of the vehicle and also the rear with both cameras recording in High Definition and is only $118 including a free adaptor and delivery.

Australia is a beautiful country so if you are touring around the country having a DVR in your vehicle is a great way to keep the memories forever. Just download the videos you want to keep to your laptop each day and they will be there to look back on in years to come.


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