Dash Cam Installation

Installation of your car dash camera is a very simple process, pre determine where you want to fit the camera to your windscreen. It should be positioned so that it does not impede your view of the road ahead. The DVR should also be in a position to make it easy to run the cables under the door or windscreen trim, then under or behind the dash to hide them from view so give it some thought before you start. A good place is often in front of your rear view mirror.

All of our dash cams have batteries so you can set the menu without plugging the camera into your lighter, when the battery is charged you can also use the camera to record manually or take still photos.

Note: The lead is long enough so that you can run it under your window trim, there is no need to hard-wire a camera into your car electrical (but you can if you wish to), simply plug it into your cigarette lighter socket. If you already have a Navman plugged in we have triple socket adaptors available.

  • Insert the SD card into the dash cam
  • Turn camera on and set the menu ie: Language, date and time
  • Fit camera to windscreen bracket (EHD65, EHD69 and EHD90 has 4 brackets so that the camera is interchangeable with other family members cars)
  • Position camera on windscreen to check that it doesn’t impede your view
  • Remove tape and stick bracket to windscreen (for EHD models), use suction cup for all other models
  • Insert power lead into camera, insert other end of lead into lighter socket
  • Turn on ignition key and camera will fire up
  • Adjust angle of camera to take maximum advantage of lens angle

Installation is really that simple but there are a few things you should know:

  • On extremely hot days remove camera from windscreen.
  • Do not put sun protectors/reflectors up behind the camera (with camera still on windscreen), the extreme heat generated by the protector will “fry” the camera and void your warranty.
  • Car DVR’s may cause minor radio interference in some earlier model cars when the signal is weak, if this happens re route the cable away from the radio.
  • If you decide to have your dash cam hardwired by an auto electrician they need to be aware that the dash cams run on no more than 5 volts which is the standard power voltage in the cigarette lighter. Most reputable auto electricians will be aware of this.
Sun Dash Protector

Sun Dash Protector








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Enjoy the peace of mind that a car dash camera can give you.