Shaming Bad Drivers on Dash Cam

dash-cam-acaLast night A Current Affair ran a story on “Driver Shame” centering around a new website that allows people to submit their dash cam videos and expose bad drivers.

Dash Cams are capturing more incidents each day as Australian’s look to protect themselves and capture bad drivers. In the past reckless drivers knew that they could get away with just about anything on the road, after all the Police can’t be everywhere at once.

The unique aspect of the website featured on last night’s ACA story is that the driver’s numberplate is recorded in a database and over time people that continually do bad things on the road will build up quite a library of incidents caught on dash cam. We are interested as to the legalities of storing people’s number plates and I guess time will tell whether the roadshamer website will have issues with privacy laws in the long term. Roadshamer also shares videos and information with the Police but if you have a dash cam, you too can do that if someone is driving dangerously or you have been in a road rage incident.

People often wonder how a dash cam can protect them on the roads. Firstly, a dash cam will protect you in an “at fault” disagreement. For instance, the law generally protects the car that is in front when there is a nose-to-tail incident, however if your dash cam captures the driver in front causing the crash by braking erratically or behaving dangerously then you will have all the evidence you need to prove who was really at fault.

In addition, dash cams are often spotted by other drivers and they are less likely to behave badly if they know their actions are being recorded. That is why we are big fans of the CT66 Dash Cam. Being white in colour the CT66 is much more likely to be noticed by would-be road ragers and moronic drivers.

Over time it is hoped that dash cams will curb aggressive, dangerous and reckless behaviour on the roads as people realise they cannot get away with foolish actions on the road any longer.

Here is a link to last night’s ACA story.

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