NSW Driver Trainers now require dash cams

The NSW Government Transport Roads & Maritime Services recently announced some changes that affect all Truck Driver Trainers within New South Wales.

As of December 1, 2014 all Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who have an Accreditation Agreement for Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) within the state of NSW will be impacted by new laws which require the driver trainers to have in-cabin video cameras recording during the FCA/CT in order to capture and record the end-to-end road assessment.

This legislation is targeted at reducing or eliminating fraud and corruption risks by recording all activities that occur during the FCA/CT assessments.

RTOs are responsible for purchasing, maintaining and installing their in-cabin video cameras.

Some of the requirements of the video recording set-up include:

  • The video must record both external driving conditions and cabin interior simultaneously.
  • The cam must also have GPS function to record co-ordinates and speed. Latitude and Longitude continuously displayed throughout the recording.
  • The external recorded view must be a wide angle of at least 120 degrees and show a minimum area of 5m x 5m of unobstructed view.
  • Image frame rate of at least 3 images per second and have sufficient resolution for facial recognition in accordance with AS/NZS 4306.2
  • Record at a resolution of no less than 640x480px
  • Have rolling date and time stamp that is continuously displayed on the video file throughout the recording
  • Record audio with at least 1 microphone set to clearly and audibly record conversations between assessor and applicant inside the cabin.
  • Videos have to be stored for 2.5 yrs and follow strict filenaming conventions.
  • Videos must be protected from unauthorised access or loss. Backups should be secure e.g. stored in virtual / cloud storage, off-site server or on hard disk that is safe from weather events.
  • Copies of videos must be able to be supplied to Roads & Maritime upon request.

There are a number of other requirements however these are yet to be made available online by NSW Roads & Maritime. Once the official documentation is available we will add a link here.


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