Police Ask For Dash Cam Videos

Dash camera acceptance has come a long way in a short time in Australia with videos finding their way onto the web in ever increasing numbers. The net effect is that it helps keep drivers honest when they know they are being watched and that their behaviour could be or is on display for all the world to see. I know having a camera in my car made me more aware of how I drive but there will always be some drivers who live in their own little world and have no regard for fellow motorists. There are others who drive like maniacs, both types are a threat to law abiding drivers.

The following video clearly shows the driver in the White car breaking the law by NOT overtaking in the 4th lane on the M1. He was plodding along at around 95kph on a 110kph Freeway. The other driver became frustrated and then flew past him on the inside narrowly missing him before speeding off into the distance. Both of them are saluting each other and White car still has no idea that what he is doing is illegal and extremely frustrating.

“Change settings cog to Full HD”

If you look at the video you will see that other than the White car, the M1 is working exactly the way it should with cars in the second and third lanes passing cars on the inside of them in an orderly and legal fashion. When you look across at the 4th lane we have White Hogger doing exactly the wrong thing and blocking 25% of the M1 when he should be in the far left lane. Why then don’t the Police enforce the keep left unless overtaking road rule? If they did this incident may not have occurred and while no one was hurt, that may not be the case next time.

On last nights Channel 9 News, Police asked for drivers to show restraint at the end of the school holidays, they also said that if anyone has a dash cam video showing illegal driving or bad behaviour on the road, please take it to the Police. If an offence is evident the Police will then charge the driver but for that to happen you will need good quality video with number plate recognition.


This is a new development although in the past, on two occasions I have personally taken videos of road rage to the Queensland Police and to their credit, they reacted both times. The first time they contacted the perpetrator and talked to him and his employer about his on road behaviour. I am still waiting to see what happened to the driver in the second incident where he road raged a young lady in Oxenford (video is on our Facebook page). The officer told me he would contact me when they had a result but the road rage man “had form”.

It only takes Police a couple of minutes to the view a video as they are usually recorded in anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minute blocks, it is fast and a simple process and if the video is clear enough, you will get a result.

We at Cardashcameras believe that the better the video quality, the more chance of protecting yourself or at least getting some justice if an incident or accident does occur so we concentrate on stocking a range of good quality Full Hi Definition dash cams rather than the cheaper low video quality units some of our competitors sell.

The one issue we see with giving videos to the Police is that it could be argued that we are doing their job for them but I know that in most states the Police are under resourced and overworked so it is a positive move.

There is no better time that now to buy an in car dvr, we have a range of quality cameras to choose from at competitive prices. We believe that other than good video quality, the main criteria when choosing a dash camera is reliability and that is where the Hewlett Packard f210 excels, they are the most reliable camera on the market.

When you think about the Police request for bad driver videos, it is a positive thing to be able to contribute to making our roads safer for our friends and families.



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