Portable Power Banks – the perfect Xmas Stocking Stuffer

charge-ipad-in-carPortable Power Banks are proving popular for those looking to buy something for their tech savvy children, partners or relatives this Christmas.

If you’re not familiar with Power Banks – let us quickly explain. A portable power bank is basically a portable battery pack that is capable of charging your mobile phone, tablet pc or numerous other devices without the need to be plugged in to a power point.

In particular at this time of year many families are planning their annual holidays or road trips. A power bank will allow you to ensure your phone doesn’t run dead during your trip or will ensure the kids are kept amused by their ipads or other devices throughout the long journey.

Power banks are also popular with caravan travellers who may stay in remote locations without power and those that commute via public transport.

To recharge the power bank you can simply plug it into mains power and it will fully charge and be ready to go again.


doca-red-charging1Power banks are really affordable with our prices starting from $22 and ranging up to $78.

The main difference in pricing is the power of the portable power bank. Our more affordable power banks such as the CDC FIVE 5 are perfect for alot of people that just want to charge their phone. It won’t have enough power to charge your tablet from 0% to 100%. They will extend your tablet’s battery life but not fully charge it.

At the other end of the scale is the DOCA 13000. This power bank is an absolute powerhouse and has the capability of charging your iPhone 60 times. It is one of very few portable power banks that can fully charge a tablet or iPad from 0% to 100%.

We have a number of Christmas specials running on Power Banks. Delivery is quick and we despatch from our warehouse in Yatala, Queensland. You can even pick up if you live locally.

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