Portable Power Packs

We have a good range of top quality portable power packs listed in “Shop” on this website. Our portable energy sticks range from 1500mAh up to 10400mAh, the size you select depends your personal needs, these products are know by many names such as Energy Stick, Portable Energy, Portable Power Pack but the the most commonly used terms is Portable Power Bank.

Portable power banks are rapidly gaining popularity but it is amazing how expensive they are in some of the larger electronic retail outlets when compared to ours. The big thing when choosing a portable power supply for your electronic items is to make sure that they deliver on the output advertised, in many cases they don’t and if you have purchased from an overseas supplier, there is no comeback available to you. If it is advertised at 6000mAh output some times the real power output may only be 3000mAh.

Our power banks use Samsung Lithium Polymer batteries, they are smaller, lighter and last longer than other brands and they also provide REAL power output.

Our portable power pack CDC Five 5 PB002 at $39 is almost half the price of a comparable Powerbank from a large National electronic retailer and provides a genuine output as advertised. It is stylish and can recharge your mobile phone or iPhone numerous times and can change your iPad or tablet with heaps of power left over.

The CDC Five 5 comes in a range of colours, has led lights showing the power remaining and is easy to re charge simply by plugging it into your computer or your 240 volt phone USB socket charger. It has a “Power In” USB cable hidden in the side of the unit and a built in Micro USB “Power Out” cable which can be used with numerous devices.

They have a large number of uses, they can charge you car dash camera, digital camera, MP3, iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablet, smart phones of all description and almost any other portable digital device.

In our on-line store they are not expensive and offer a great solution to power your portable electronic devices.

They are very useful when you are travelling, on holidays, camping, in hospital or just too relaxed to get up and plug your phone into the 24ov, it allows you to have your devices powered up and by your side all the time so buy it and try it, you will be amazed.


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