Portable Power Packs

We now have in stock two types of rechargeable portable power banks or as they are more commonly known, “Portable Power Packs” with more on the way.

Last month I was waiting for a flight at Hong Kong International Airport and it seemed like almost every young person and many older people had a Portable Power Bank attached to their mobile phone, iPad or iPod. It won’t be long before it is like that here in Australia.

Portable battery packs are really very useful if you are travelling interstate, overseas or tripping around Australia and need to charge you mobile device.

Our IDEO brand Power Packs have powerful rechargeable  Polymer Lithium batteries which are lighter, more powerful and are long lasting. These phone chargers can be used anywhere at all so you can always be in contact with your family and friends.

We all know how much young people use their mobile phones and Tablets and they are always running out of battery, these portable chargers are the answer. There are no more excuses, how many times have we heard “I couldn’t call you because my phone’s battery was flat!“.

Initially we are stocking four types but that will change as demand increases and don’t forget, Christmas is just around the corner:

  • PB002 5500mAh in Hot Pink, Black and White
  • PB007 1500 mAh in Hot Pink, Black and White
  • MC05 2800 mAh in Hot Pink, Black and White
  • PB003 10400 mAh in Hot Pink, Black and White

The PB007 (pictured above) is “keyring” size or you can slip it in your pocket, the little unit is capable of charging your phone easily while on the run.

Portable battery packs are notorious for delivering less than half the claimed capacity so with this in mind we embarked on an extensive testing regime  on our portable power banks and they exceeded all requirements. For all the tech heads out there read the following specifications.

Specifications for PB002:

  • Battery Type: Li-ion polymer
  • Capacity: 5500mAh
  • DC IN: 5V/1A
  • USB OUT: 5V/2A
  • Input Recharging Time: 5~6 hours (by PC USB or 4 hours with 240v USB plug)
  • Cycle Times: >500 times
  • Dimension: 113*78*18mm
  • Net Weight: 150g
  • Accessories: 1xApple tip, 1x USB to DC Female Cable, 1x Special Samsung connection
  • Galaxy Tab Charging Cable
  • Operation Temperature Range: -10’C ~ +50’C
  • Certificate: CE, ROHS, FCC

Features & Advantages

  • Fashionable streamlined design
  • LED lights to indicate the status of the remaining capacity
  • High Capacity 5500mAh
  • IML cover is non fading wear resistant
  • Inbuilt Micro USB
  • TPU cable – special material — works well in a hot environment or extreme cold and is corrosion resistant
  • No unsightly cables, they are hidden in the case
  • High compatibility, available to mobile phone, tablet, DV, MP3, PDA, iPod
  • Bluetooth, Cameras or other 5V USB devices
  • Multiple colours and patterns for your choice
  • Multiple protection mechanism to guard against overcharging, over discharging or short-circuiting from excessive current
  • Charging and discharging at the same time
  • Certificates – CE, FCC, ROHS
  • One year full replacement warranty
  • New original battery cell with REAL capacity
  • High quality Intergrated Circuit
  • High conversion rate
  • Complete ageing test for each unit
  • Strict quality assurance system

These battery packs are small and slimline, they will fit in your pocket, handbag or even on your keyring and are an affordable addition to your electronic collection.


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