Road Rage Is Rampant

There has been a number of road rage incidents recently and one of the worst was on the Gold Coast where one bloke hit another over the head with a hammer. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not making excuses for anyone involved in Road Rage. I have been on the receiving end of road rage and it is not a pretty thing but I always say a Dash Camera is a deterrent and I know that from first hand experience. I have previously written about that incident and I believe having a DVR pointed at the idiot behind me stopped him from getting out of his car like he had on a previous occasion, but he was small fry compared to last weeks incidents, it was a disgrace.

What is wrong with people these days? I can talk with conviction based on my own experience but I also talk to a lot of other people and from that consultation, I believe that a lot of the anger on the road is caused by the Government legislators concentrating on raising revenue rather than putting some time, effort and legislation into driver behaviour. I am sure there is a rule that you must keep left unless overtaking but I will give you the following example.

We have a 4 lane highway from the Southside of Brisbane to Smith Street on the Gold Coast but try passing in the right lanes, you will have more luck on the left. I believe that driver ignorance causes people to get heated and finally blow their lid. I have seen people passing on the right hand side of the right hand lane. I mean on the verge between the North and Southbound lanes, when some buffoon is sitting there doing 80 kph in a 110 kph zone and while it is not a good look and totally illegal, sometimes you can sort of understand the irritation they are feeling. I have actually heard people say, “I can sit in any lane I want and do any speed I want, I pay my registration!”

Today I was driving North and moved into the left lane 600m before my exit only to sit behind someone travelling at 80 kph, just dawdling along and causing chaos for the trucks and myself who have to slow down behind him or pass if possible. Surely travelling at 30 kph below the speed limit on a 4 lane Freeway is a bookable offence unless your car has broken down? I will upload a video from my GPS hp f210 to our Youtube channel to show you what I mean. 

It can be very frustrating and really, how hard or costly would it be to have some signs along the M1 like they have in other states that says “Keep Left Unless Overtaking, Fines Apply”. That would also raise revenue but after a while ignorant motorists would get the message and free up the motorway for those who wish to travel at the speed limit.  It would also make it less likely that someone will take the law into their own hands and do something stupid and dangerous. Even if it were 5% less that is a start.

If is obviously not the only cause of road rage but from someone travelling the M1 every day and sometimes 4 or 6 times a day, I can say I have seen it all and I know it would help enormously.

In the meantime, get yourselves a good quality In Car Camera so that if someone does go off the deep end, at least you will have video proof that you were doing the right thing.

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