What makes a normal person grow horns and become an out of control raging lunatic behind the wheel of a motor vehicle?

An enraged mother with her two daughters in a small White Hatch, took on a tradesman’s van and she was smiling during the interview, it was crazy stuff. People following the incident captured it all on their car dash camera. It was a little like a Tango, first one was on the left and then the other, then back again. They were trading places, they were tailgating, they were driving dangerously and weaving and dodging parked vehicles when they weren’t dodging oncoming cars.

The male driver of the van allegedly spat at the little White car, the female driver of the small car retaliated by throwing her “energy” drink can at the van. Maybe she should stay off the energy drinks as it was ludicrous that she put her kids at risk in a motor vehicle.

At one stage, as she veered to the right to miss a parked car in the left lane she forced the van into oncoming traffic, it was dangerous and irresponsible to put her daughters in the line of fire like she did. At that point maybe she should have given some consideration to pulling up behind the parked car and giving some thought to her stupidity but all the while, the in car camera in the vehicle behind kept recording away.

Why was she so angry that she would risk the lives of her children and other road users? She said the van driver did not allow her to merge and that does happen a lot but it would be a far better option to merge a few metres later than to endanger the lives of her children and others.

Drivers are not taught to be considerate of others, some of the driving instructors out there are abysmal. I have seen Learners under instruction in the 3rd or 4th lane of the M1 just driving along in their own little world, totally oblivious to the people around them so it is no wonder motorists get frustrated. It is often hard to merge onto the M1 even when the car in the extreme left does not have a car beside them as they are just too lazy or ignorant of other drivers to move over and let people merge.

Where are the “Keep Left Unless Overtaking” sighs on our roads? They are everywhere in NSW but are almost never sighted in Queensland, all this just leads to frustration and can be the catalyst to set someone off with road rage.

We elect governments to govern and make laws but then they are completely ignored and nothing is done to enforce them so we are left with rage on our roads with only our own eyes of a car dvr to capture it.

There is absolutely no excuse for road rage but it appears that the enforcement agencies are intent on raising as much revenue as possible and with few exceptions, they ignore ignorant drivers creating frustration on our roads.

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