Road Rager Takes On Gold Coast Traffic Sergeant – And Loses

It is going to be a very interesting court appearance when they finally catch up with the Gold Coasts dumbest P plate Road Rager. He raced through Gold Coast traffic along Bermuda Street on Wednesday morning, only to come face to face with the Gold Coast’s Numero Uno Traffic Cop.

Sergeant Bradyn Murphy Source - News Limited

Sergeant Bradyn Murphy Source – News Limited

Road Rage is never funny and I shouldn’t jest about it as I have been on the receiving end of a nutter but what the hell, I have zero respect for them so here goes anyway.

Following is my interpretation of his thought train on that fateful morning of the ultimate Gotcha…. It went something like this….

The 23 year old must have been having a bad day, probably late for work, slept in again, big night last night…. bloody traffic, who do they think they, are slowing me down… don’t these idiots know I am important and in a big hurry, can’t they see I am running late for something…. he yells “GET OUT OF MY WAY FOOLS”, no one hears him but they can see his big mouth open and close in their mirrors like a fish out of water as he tail-gates and bullies other drivers on the road in front of him. Leaving in his wake, bewildered and scared mothers, school children, daughters, son’s, fathers, grandparents and just up ahead ….. a Police Sergeant and not just any Sergeant.

He then races up behind Senior Sergeant Bradyn Murphy, the Gold Coast’s top traffic cop and before the Sergeant could pull over into the left lane, Rager roars past him up the inside, narrowly missing the officers private vehicle, giving him the “bird” and verbal abuse.

Rager says to himself – “Hell, Red light ahead, will I run it? Naw, no way though, HEY, I have a great idea to fill in the next 60 seconds, I will hang back from the lights and belt that last pussy I just passed, I will scare the crap out of him, wait till he sees me, he’ll wish he never crossed my path after I’m finished with him!” 

Rager Looks Something Like This

Rager Looks Something Like This

As Rager beckons Sergeant Murphy to get out and fight like a man, Sergeant Murphy locks onto him with his steely gaze. He nonchalantly produces his Police Badge and with practiced ease and a steady hand, holds it up for Rager to see. The Sergeant indicates with a nod of his head to pull over and quietly says, “by all means, lets talk my friend”. 🙂

Authors note: That right there folks is a very funny moment in an otherwise  serious incident, I am smiling broadly while thinking about it.

It is like, for lack of a better phrase – “The Ultimate Gotcha Moment!” I only wish I could have been there to see it.

If you look closely you will see a small amount of pee dribbling down Rager’s thigh onto the seat of his mothers Red Hyundai as he turns away in ABSOLUTE SHOCK at who he has just declared on.

It’s a moment like Crocodile Dundee’s famous line… “you call that a knife, this is a KNIFE!”

For Sergeant Murphy it is a moment to savour and bask in the warm glow of his ultimate “Gotcha moment. We see it on the roads every day, there have been times when I have wished I were a cop and could do something about the idiots we see in our travels but I digress, no time for musing…

Qld Police BadgeRager bows his head, pretends Officer Murphy has all of a sudden become the invisible man, (now you see him and want to belt him, now he has disappeared from view), Rager scurries off into the distance. I’ll bet Rager wishes that he slept in a little longer because he knows full well he will soon be facing the music, oh if only.

It is a moment like many others for the Police but this one is more unique and all the more sweet.  It won’t make up for all the sacrifice, training, hard work, time away from the family, call outs, carnage, murder and sadness at the loss of some of his fallen workmates but in a very small way it helps a little as he played a part in slowing the rager down before he kills someone and in the process, ruins his and other peoples lives.

While we all have a whinge now and again about the Police, us law abiding citizens would be in a lot of trouble without them, we rely heavily on the Police to keep law and order and I for one appreciate the effort they put in to keep us safe.

A little advice for any would be road ragers out there or anyone who aspires to frighten the hell out of other road users. When blasting past your victim, take a quick glance at their shoulder to see if the victim is wearing a blue shirt with a Badge sown on it.

The rest of you good citizens out there, get yourselves a dashboard camera, they make it easy to prove liability in the event of an accident and can help bring people like Rager to justice and the Police won’t have to appeal for witness’s, just send them the video evidence from your dash cam.


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