Russian Dashcam Videos Story On Sunday Night

Did you watch Sunday Night on 31st August? They had a story about how Russians love their dash cameras and how it is making Russian cops more accountable and keeping them a little more honest.

Fortunately we don’t have a problem here in Australia with dishonest traffic police. They do their job for the most part, within the law they are paid to uphold but it is a very different story in Russia.

After the cold war road safety was almost non existent in Russia, it was a lawless society made worse by corrupt police but dash cams have helped change that and are now helping keep the police honest.

Dash cams are widely used in Russia where they have big problems with corrupt cops and insurance fraud. As reported on channel 7’s Sunday Night program, 1 in every three, or over 33% of vehicles in Moscow have a dash cam fitted.

In Australia the percentage would be around 4% but growing fast as traffic increases with the urban sprawl and driving standards nose dive. Here we are also over governed to the point where, within the distance of 1 kilometre you might have 4 or 5 different speed limits. The problem this creates is that instead of concentrating on your driving, you are constantly looking for speed limit signs which is a distraction.

Dash cameras are a must have now, especially for young people who are just starting out in their adult life. They get a licence, then a car but insurance is so high, one mistake and they face massive excesses and they face these high insurance policies and excesses usually until they are 25.

It is easy for experienced drivers who tangle with young people to try and pull the wool over their eyes and claim that the accident was their fault. It happened to my daughter and one of my employees. In my daughters case she was lucky that there was an independent witness but before we tracked him down, things were looking grim for her and her insurance claim. Dash cams were not readily used in Australia then but I wish they were, it would have given us a parents some comfort.

My young employee was also lucky, I was following him and saw the accident so when the women who drove straight through a roundabout in a left turn only lane claimed the accident was his fault, I was able to demonstrate to her that she was totally in the wrong. Her story folded fast when she realised that there was an eyewitness account.

When the Police are not called, it is your word against theirs and because of her age and driving experience, she would have been believed. Insurance companies play it both ways, they will make you prove it wasn’t your fault and if you don’t have a witness or a dash camera, proving liability can be very difficult and sometimes a great injustice is perpetrated.

A dash cam is your witness, you can put up a very persuasive argument when you confront someone with video evidence, they immediately capitulate. There are some very good quality dash cameras on the market at reasonable prices.

The parallel is there with Russian cops, they will try it on but when they see you have a dash camera with rock solid video evidence it is end of story, basically a dash camera will keep the bastards honest.


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