Tailgating – Dash Cameras Are A Deterrent

This story was submitted by a young lady who travels the M1 Brisbane – Gold Coast, I believe severe tailgating like this is also extreme Road Rage, please read on……….

Two Thursdays in a row whilst driving home from work, my mother and I experienced extremely dangerous tailgaters in action.

Keep in mind we are very conscious of the “keep left unless over taking” rule, so it’s not like we were just sitting in the right lane doing 80kms like some people. We were in the right lane travelling at 110 kph overtaking a slower car in the 3rd lane.

The first time a car came screaming up behind us and sat so close to our car even when I (the passenger) turned around, I could not see the bonnet. It would have only taken a light touch of our breaks to cause a major accident at that speed.

I immediately pulled my car dash camera off the window and turned around to get a video of the car, driver and number plate, unfortunately I couldn’t capture the number plate because the car was so close to the rear of our vehicle. When we were finally able to move over to the 3rd lane, the car sped by, flipping us off and shaking his head. Was it just us though…? No, you could see him doing the same thing to other innocent drivers, taking so many lives into his hand.

I’d like to know how they, these tailgaters, think they’re in the right, how they can be angry with us. We were in the correct lane to overtake, driving at the correct speed, and moved over into the 3rd lane as soon as we could. Did the driver expect us to just go over into the next lane on top of another car?

The second time, there was a car in front of us and a car tailgating us. We moved over as soon as we could and the passenger of the car started hanging out the window flipping us off. We then got back over into the right lane to pass a slow car in front of us when the offender slammed on his brakes, he was brake testing us!

Remember this is on the highway going 110kph with other cars all around us and we had done nothing wrong. Thankfully we were far enough back to hop straight back over into the 3rd lane to avoid him.

But wait, he hadn’t had enough…

He slowed down to try and get level with us and we could see him rummaging for something next to him and at his feet. To us it was obvious that he was looking for something to throw out his window at our car.

So, knowing I had a car dash camera at my disposal capturing everything thus far, I quickly unhooked it from the window again and pointed it directly at the “gentleman” in the car next to us. He promptly dropped whatever he was getting and stuck his head out of the car again pulling faces, laughing, flipping us off, but what was great to see…he knew he’d been caught on a car camera. Within seconds he and his driver were pulling away from us and you could see them in the very far off distance doing EXACTLY the same thing to anyone else in the right lane who was holding up their progress …. I’d say desperate to get home to…. the pub…

If we hadn’t of had an in car dash camera it frightens me to think what could have happened. It was obvious he wanted to keep taunting us, perhaps cause damage to our car, but as soon as he saw the camera he backed off. Car Cameras are definitely a deterrent and I’m extremely happy with my decision to put one in my car. Next investment will be a MD400 so I have a camera in the back window to capture it as it happens.

We have decided that we won’t put up with it again, we will be taking any footage we capture to the Police and let them handle it.


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