Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is becoming an epidemic, if you drive down the highway on any given day and have your passenger “spotting” you will find numerous people texting while they are driving a motor vehicle.

In my opinion, texting while driving is potentially as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. It takes your focus completely off the road for seconds at a time and in those seconds, anything can happen. The vehicles in front may have to brake suddenly and when you are on a motorway like the M1 travelling at 110 kph, you need a lot further to stop if something happens ahead.

We were travelling from Sydney Airport to the Blue Mountains on the M5 last Thursday and saw more than one person in the heavy traffic texting away like there was no tomorrow.

On one occasion my wife removed our Hewlett Packard f210 dash camera from the windscreen of our hire car and held it out the side window to video the culprit. The girl was so intent on her texting she didn’t notice the camera for a while and when she did, she looked back at her phone on the steering wheel and continued to text. She was so brazen that even though she had been caught, she looked back up, smiled stupidly at the camera and continued to text until she was out of sight. It is quite unbelievable that anyone can be that brainless and irresponsible and take the other peoples lives for granted by doing this.

View the video below and don’t forget to change the settings cog to HD.

Like the video caption says, “you won’t be smiling when you run up someone’s arse”  and neither will the person you run into. That result is inevitable if she doesn’t give up her “happy” pastime.

I do a lot of motorway driving and see it every day, it is usually younger people who are the perpetrators, it can also cause road rage. I have seen a young girl sitting in the right hand lane at around 95kph, she was so intent on her texting that she didn’t realise or care that she was holding up the traffic behind her. One subbie ute went flying up the inside when the opportunity presented itself and swerved over in front of her almost cleaning her up. I don’t for one minute condone what he did but I do understand the frustration and the stupidity that caused his over reaction.

This is a message to anyone who is stupid enough to text while driving a vehicle, when you get behind the wheel, “park” your mobile phones in your pocket or the console and leave it there until you stop. I don’t want a call from the Police telling me one of my family or friends has been in an accident because some idiot was texting while driving!



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