The Benefits of a Reversing Camera

Reversing cameras are a fantastic safety feature for any vehicle but they are especially beneficial for elderly drivers.

Recently my elderly father asked me if I stocked reversing cameras. At the time I didn’t but I promised to find a good one for him soon.

I went to Hong Kong and found a camera I though would amply do the job and guess who the guinea pig was going to be to test the camera? You guessed it, my dad.

Depending on which Auto Electrician you use, they cost between $100 and $180 to install.  The purchase price is normally $129 making it a great investment for anyone but especially elderly drivers or people who own commercial vehicles.

Dad loves the camera because it makes it easy to reverse his car and it removes the guesswork. As you get older it becomes increasingly difficult to turn you head around far enough to see where you are going and mirrors don’t always do the job. Your flexibility reduces as you get older. It is also harder to judge how close you get to an object or another car when reverse parking your vehicle.

The 100mm screen discretely stuck on the dash using double sided 3M tape (usually next to the pillar), has grid lines to guide you but it also has voice prompts that direct you to within 300mm (1 foot) of any object or vehicle.

They are extremely simple to operate, in fact there is nothing to do. When you put the vehicle into reverse gear, the camera immediately turns on showing you a clear High Definition view of what is behind you. When you put the vehicle into drive the camera turns off. It really is that simple.

After dad tested the camera for me, I then purchased them in bulk, stocked them on our website and fitted them to our commercial vehicles.

All too often we hear of someone backing out of their driveway and running over a small child, it is a tragedy that sometimes could be avoided for a relatively small investment but the problem is that people often leave it until it is too late. Only yesterday there was a tragic accident in a Brisbane shopping centre.

Our reversing cameras are a great way to keep our kids and the elders in our community safe but at the same time, they also help keep the rest of us out of harms way.

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