Thieves Caught on a Dash Cam

This story clearly demonstrates the value of having a dash camera in your vehicle.

I have been advising a customer who has purchased a C1H Full HD dash camera from us previously, on how to best set up another camera he was interested in installing in the rear of his vehicle.

He has a 4WD with two power outlets, one is the normal lighter socket that only works when the ignition is on and the other in the rear has continuous power.

He suggested he would use motion detection for the rear but I told him I leave my rear camera on 24/7.

Anthony emailed me on Saturday afternoon and said “I am glad you told me to leave it on all the time. Car just caught two thieves trying to break in”. He then uploaded this photo to our facebook page and while it is not the clearest because of the rain, the video was.

I told him I could sympathise as we had a break in at our premises a few weeks ago and while we could see the thief on our CCTV system, he was dressed in full scumbag garb with a hoodie and white gloves so we could not see his face.

Anthony said the C1H footage was “GOLD!” He said locals identified them on Facebook within minutes of him uploading the video and that they were being dealt with now!

That is a great result and shows the value of a dash camera. Without it all Anthony would have had was a damaged door, an alarm going off but no evidence and the two would be thieves would still be sneaking around the neighbourhood.

A good dash camera is a Full Hi Definition dash cam which is what you need for clear identification purposes. They have many attributes that can safeguard motorists but they can also help keep your family and house safe.

This is a great result for one of our loyal customers and the “gold” footage make the Police job so much easier as there is no arguing who was responsible.






  1. Hi John,
    I received the HP F210 crashcam today and connected it up to my existing power cord, works like a charm. The software is excellent and easy to navigate through it all.
    I have even caught one guy cutting me off at a round about, all good.
    it is a good sized model on the wndscreen.
    kind regards
    Ken Shaw

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