TruCam Speed Camera Fines Open To Interpretation

Have you ever been given a speeding ticket when you know you were not speeding?

For anyone who has spent a lot of time driving it is obvious that in most cases the positioning of speed cameras has very little to do with road safety, it is more about revenue raising. Take the latest effort in Queensland where the speed threshold has been lowered and no one knows what it is. It was widely believed that it was 10% (60 kph + 10% = 66kph) in the past but now we are told there is no margin for error which is clearly just another revenue grab by our cash strapped government.

Even in cyclonic torrential rain it is still lawful for any vehicle including old clunkers to travel at 110 kl per hour on the M1. Maybe someone can explain the rationale as to why it’s “unlawful” to travel at 112 kph on the M1  while driving the latest in motoring technology or even the same old clunker on a beautiful sunny day with little or no traffic around. Perhaps someone can tell us how this change will reduce the road toll?

In the few short months since the speed threshold was changed, $12,000,000 in extra revenue has been raised and now with all speed limits “dumbed down” it will be much more. I don’t believe the people of Queensland elected the Newman Government to make their lives more miserable with cynical cash grab changes like this.

They will tell you the law must be obeyed but in some cases the law is an Ass. I am not advocating speeding but it is almost impossible to maintain a constant speed on Queensland roads because the speed limit changes so often. The Gateway Motorway is a prime example, near the Mount Gravatt exit it goes from 60 to 100 to 80 and back to 100 in around a kilometre and unfortunately police do little about “keep left unless overtaking” which leads to frustration and results in people breaking the law.

Most of us have received a speeding ticket and felt hard done by at some stage or another. The story on Channel 9 last night highlighted the inaccuracy of the the new laser speed camera called TruCam. The TruCam catches 3 times more motorists than the mobile speed vans and almost twice the number caught by covert speed cameras.

Is the “3 times more” because the issuing of an infringement is open to interpretation by the operator?

A motorist who received what he believes was an unfair infringement notice did something about it and decided to seek legal advice. Speed camera consultant Scott Cooper said the images issued by Police from the TruCams did not comply with their own legislation as they were not imprinted with any data. Mr Cooper said “we not only won the case, we annihilated them”. There is no imprinted information on the photo which leaves it open to interpretation or human error when the details of the alleged speeding are manually added to the photo at a later time.

GPS PLAYERA car dash camera with GPS can be a powerful tool in refuting alleged speeding fines when caught by a TruCam, I am not saying it will get you off the hook but it will certainly help. GPS dash cams show the speed of the vehicle and its exact location and at the very least provides video and satellite evidence that you were not speeding.

Video is admissible as evidence as long as it can be proved to be reliable. It is very difficult to argue that a video with GPS evidence pinpointing the exact location on Google Maps with the speed of the vehicle clearly shown could be ruled inadmissible.

A car DVR is your best protection and irrefutable evidence in the event that you are unfairly booked for speeding.

This is not an attack on the Police, they only work with what they are given and in the main do a fantastic job but we all should voice our disgust at revenue raising for the sake of it and then an attempt to pass it off as a “road safety” exercise.

The benefits of owning a GPS dash cam for trucks or cars are obvious but now more so than ever. I believe the hunt for new revenue streams is clouding the judgement of the people we elected, it is nothing more than penny pinching to lower speed limit thresholds to zero and it’s time to fight back.

As Howard Beale (actor Peter Finch) said in the 1976 move Network, “I AM MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANY MORE!”


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