Truckies Deserve Your Patience

It is all too common to see people beating up on truckies. With the increase in dash cam footage being posted online these days we often see keyboard warriors going to town on truckies for driving dangerously, failing to give way and just being generally arrogant on the roads.

We recently posted our own truckie dash cam video that clearly shows a truck driver cutting one of our vehicles off on a roundabout. It is very easy to be annoyed at the truck driver in this situation and to be honest we were pretty frustrated at the time too but lets take a minute to put ourselves in the truck driver’s seat.

If you time the footage you can see that it takes the truck around 6 seconds to completely pull out and it looks as though he hurried himself up a bit when he realised he had cut me off. This footage was shot around the Yatala Enterprise area in Queensland and anyone who’s been through those roundabouts would know that there are always alot of heavy vehicles in the area and the roundabouts are incredibly busy.

You would be flat out finding a 2 second window let alone a 6 second window to get into the roundabout. So what exactly is the truck driver supposed to do? With traffic mounting behind them and no break in the traffic likely to happen at any time they have no option but to take the plunge and cut someone off. Roundabouts must be a truck drivers worst nightmare!

Another common issue that is discussed quite often in the media is trucks not allowing a safe distance on the motorways. As a fellow car driver, you can’t tell me that you haven’t snuck in front of a slow truck as you weave your way into open space at a much faster speed then the slow poke truckie. When you sneak in front, the open space you expected can sometimes shrink very quickly and you don’t put as large a gap between yourself and the truck as you would have hoped. In peak hour highway traffic I’d imagine that for the truck driver it might feel like magpies constantly swooping past you in breeding season. How is a truck driver supposed to keep a safe distance when the bar keeps moving? It is impractical to think they’ll continually slam on their brakes every time an over-eager motorist cuts them off.

Here are some facts:

  • Rear enders are the most common type of crash for trucks.
  • At a speed of 60km/h a car stops in around 58 metres.
  • At the same speed a truck will take 97 metres to stop.

We are all for safe driving and all truck drivers have a huge amount of responsibility to drive safely. The vehicles they are in control of can cause great destruction and injury but the responsibility is not all on them. General motorists need to show greater patience and care around trucks to ensure everyone gets home safely.

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